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January 19th, 2014

‘Downton Abbey’ Recap: Mary & Tony’s New Romance Takes Off

Courtesy of PBS

Mary was blindsided by four little words on this week’s ‘Downton Abbey.’

After hitting it off swimmingly last week, Mary (Michelle Dockery) and Tony (Tom Cullen) continued Operation: Replace Matthew on the Jan. 19 episode of Downton Abbey. There was laughter, there was dancing and there was… a proposal?! Click here to read more

January 12th, 2014

‘Downton Abbey’ Recap: Anna Suffers Horrific Tragedy In Shocking Twist

Courtesy of ITV

Spoiler alert: Stop reading if you don’t want to know what happened on ‘Downton Abbey!’

It’s official: Life at Downton Abbey – or, at least, life for Anna (Joanne Froggatt) and Bates (Brendan Coyle) — will never be the same again. The show’s Jan. 12 episode welcomed a host of fancy-pants royals from all over the land, but it also invited the darkest scene in Downton history. Read on at your own risk! Click here to read more

January 6th, 2014

‘Downton Abbey': Joanne Froggatt Previews ‘Brave’ Twist For Anna

Courtesy of ITV

Next week’s ‘Downton Abbey’ begins Anna’s season-long journey of tragedy and triumph.

Anna Bates (Joanne Froggatt) made it through the fourth season premiere of Downton Abbey relatively unscathed — save for a few catty remarks from everyone’s least favorite human, Edna Braithwaite — but when PBS airs the next episode Jan. 12, fans should prepare themselves for a major shakeup at the abbey. Click here to read more

January 5th, 2014

‘Downton Abbey’ Recap: Mary & Robert Clash On Season 4 Premiere

Courtesy of PBS

‘Downton’ may be standing tall in its fourth season, but its residents are in shambles. Matthew’s death was just the start of their problems!

I’m not exactly sure when Downton Abbey became a 20th-century British version of Game of Thrones, but I’m definitely digging it. The show’s fourth season premiered Jan. 5, kicking off a ferocious — and surprisingly twisted — battle for control of the Iron Throne abbey. Now, only one question remains: Do you stand with House Mary (Michelle Dockery), or House Robert (Hugh Bonneville)? Click here to read more

December 11th, 2013

Prince William Loves Watching ‘Downton Abbey’ With Family

Getty, Bauer Griffin, Courtesy of PBS

It’s official: everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure historical drama is ‘Downton Abbey’ — even the royal family! The cast members of the wildly popular show revealed that Prince William has gotten hooked on the show since being home a lot with his wife, Kate, and baby Prince George!

Prince William and Kate Middleton spend some of their family time curled up in front of the television since welcoming their 4-month-old son Prince George, and as Allen Leech — Mr. Tom Branson himself — of Downtown Abbey confirmed on the Dec. 10 episode of Watch What Happens Live! that Will has taken a liking to the historical British show — but only since becoming a dad!
Click here to read more

December 10th, 2013

Michelle Dockery: ‘I Was Sad’ When Dan Stevens Left ‘Downton Abbey’

Getty Images (2)

The star of ‘Downton Abbey’ gets candid about her on-screen husband’s decision to leave after three seasons.

So much of Downton Abbey‘s fourth season — which premieres stateside Jan. 5 on PBS — is about Mary (Michelle Dockery) moving on after the death of Matthew (Dan Stevens), a process close to the cast’s heart. “I was sad … that Dan wanted to go,” Michelle said Dec. 10 during her visit to The View. “We were all sad. … I thought, ‘What is going to happen now? So much [of the show] is about the relationship between [Matthew] and Mary.” Click here to read more

November 5th, 2013

People’s Choice Awards Nominees: Lea Michele, ‘Vampire Diaries’ & More

Courtesy of The CW, Fox, ABC Family

The 2014 People’s Choice Awards nominations were announced Nov. 5, and with fan-favorites like Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Lucy Hale & Lea Michele all racking up nominations, our heads are spinning!

The People’s Choice Awards has always been one of the stand-out fun awards show offerings, but this year’s ceremony is looking to be a bloodbath. Jared Padalecki vs. Jensen Ackles vs. Stephen Amell vs. Ian Somerhalder vs. Andrew Lincoln? Pretty Little Liars vs. The Walking Dead? (How does one even vote on that?) At least no matter who wins, it’s somebody we like, right? (Wrong. So wrong. This is huge!)
Click here to read more

October 31st, 2013

‘Downton Abbey’ Trailer: Mary Faces ‘Death Or Life’ In Season 4

Courtesy of PBS (2)

Plus, Edith gives into temptation — and is that Tom kissing a mystery woman? So much scandal, so little time.

The new season of Downton Abbey is already underway in the UK, but we’ve still got a few months before the Crawley family’s fourth season arrives stateside. In anticipation of the Jan. 5 premiere, PBS has released a 30-second teaser of the drama to come — and there’s plenty of it! Click here to read more

September 23rd, 2013

‘Downton Abbey’ Season 4 Premiere Reveals New Sides Of Lady Mary

Courtesy of ITV

Michelle Dockery looks ahead to her character’s most dramatic season yet.

U.S. viewers still have nearly four months before we get to enjoy Downton Abbey‘s fourth season — mark your calendars for Jan. 5, 2014 — but across the pond, the madness has already begun. The period drama’s fourth season kicked off Sept. 22 in the U.K., and it’s already a rough ride for the newly widowed Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery). Click here to read more

September 1st, 2013

‘Downton Abbey’ Season 4 Trailer Released — Watch

Courtesy of YouTube

It’s almost time to go back to the abbey! Though the hit show doesn’t come back to the States for some time, a new trailer for the fourth season of ‘Downton Abbey’ has arrived to hold you over. Watch it below!

Downton Abbey had viewers stunned and in tears by the end of season three, but when the TV gods close one door, they open a window — season four is just around the corner! And until the show comes back on the air, you can watch this new trailer to mend your broken Downton heart.
Click here to read more

August 14th, 2013

‘Downton Abbey’ Scoop: New Guys Revealed In Season 4 Pics

Courtesy of ITV (3)

‘Downton’ may have lost Matthew last season, but come 2014, fans will have three new pieces of man-candy to replace him.

It’s officially raining men on Downton Abbey. A gaggle of new gentlemen are joining the series in its fourth season, premiering Jan. 5 on PBS in the United States, and ITV has just revealed them in a new batch of photos. Two of the men are potential suitors for the newly widowed Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery), while another has his eyes set on another member of the Crawley (extended) family. Click here to read more

August 7th, 2013

‘Downton Abbey': Michelle Dockery Talks Mary’s Many ‘Potential Suitors’

Courtesy of ITV

A flock of fellas are coming for Lady Mary. It’s like a 19th-century ‘Bachelorette!’

Matthew who? When Downton Abbey returns for its fourth season Jan. 5, a newly widowed Mary (Michelle Dockery) will have her hands full with a bevy of potential new suitors. “There’s a character called Blake, played by Julian Ovenden,” Michelle tells‘s sister site TVLine. “And Evelyn Napier (played by Brendan Patricks) comes back, as well. He was the one who brought the Turkish diplomat along. That was lovely to play scenes with Brendan again because we haven’t seen him since season one. Click here to read more

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