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March 16th, 2015

Patrick Schwarzenegger: Keep Your Hands Off Other Girls


Patrick — what were you thinking or doing when you had your hands and mouth all over a cute brunette in a teeny bikini? When you’re Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend, you shouldn’t be PDAing with any other girl!

Patrick Schwarzenegger, you were caught red-handed, literally, with a pretty, shapely brunette in your arms while you partied in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, without Miley Cyrus.
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March 13th, 2015

Justin Bieber: Haters Need To Stop Bullying Him Now

Courtesy of Mert Alas/Marcus Piggott/Calvin Klein

Give Justin Bieber a chance. Why, when Justin is working so hard to turn his life around, does he get bashed in the cover story of the new ‘Men’s Health’ magazine, for proactively trying to grow up? Give the guy a break.

Justin Bieber, like most human beings on the planet, deserves a second chance to be the best person he can be. That’s why we can understand why he’s so upset about a “mean” new cover story in the April issue of Men’s Health magazine.
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March 11th, 2015

Diane Von Furstenberg’s Fall 2015 Collection: Perfect For Taylor Swift & Dakota Johnson


Hooray for Diane, who understands the style needs of 2015’s working woman as well as she did in 1974, the year she first gave the world her famous wrap dress.

It’s been 41 years since American women first fell in love with the Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress and ironically, that dress is just as perfect today as it was then. While the world has changed in many ways, America’s working women have come full circle in their style needs.
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March 10th, 2015

‘Bachelorette': Pitting Two Women Against Each Other Is A Sexist Idea

Courtesy of ABC

What is going on in the heads of the powers that be that make ‘Bachelorette’ decisions? Deciding that two gorgeous Bachelorettes — Britt and Kaitlyn — will have to fight to be the ONE Bachelorette sounds like something out of the Roman Colosseum. End this bad idea now and let both women pick a man next season.

Stop the Bachelorette catfight before it begins! There’s no way that Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe should be set up for a Hunger Games-style season opener of the new Bachelorette!
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March 9th, 2015

Karrueche Tran: Stop Mocking Chris Brown’s Baby Drama & Take The High Road

Getty/Courtesy of Instagram

Karrueche, you have every reason to be deeply hurt and immensely furious with Chris after being blindsided by the news that he as a 9-month-old baby girl. But don’t stoop to publicly dissing his situation on Instagram anymore — stay above the fray.

Karrueche Tran, every girlfriend in the world is sympathizing with you right now after the revelation that your longtime boyfriend Chris Brown had a love child called Royalty.
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March 6th, 2015

HollywoodLife Podcast: RHOA’s Kenya Moore On Sex Shaming & Vanessa Marano On Sister Rivalry

Courtesy of HollywoodLife

Kenya Moore has had it with the nasty insults from RHOA star Phaedra Parks and she tells what she really thinks of her co-star. And ‘Switched at Birth’ star Vanessa Marano speaks out on the hot-button issue of sexual assault on campus, and the challenges of having an actress sister — Laura Marano .

Kenya Moore and Vanessa Marano are two strong, outspoken ladies, and they were anything but shy, voicing their opinions in‘s newest podcast.
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March 4th, 2015

Karrueche Tran: Dump Chris Brown For Good After Baby Drama

Courtesy of Instagram/Splash News

Karrueche, you’ve told the world in a tweet that you’ve had it with Chris Brown, his family and his baby drama. But now, you’ve got to stick with your resolve and look forward, not back.

Karrueche Tran, it must have been heartbreaking for you when the news broke on March 3rd that your longtime boyfriend, Chris Brown, was the father of a nine-month-old baby girl.
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March 3rd, 2015

Donna Karan’s Fall 2015 Collection: Perfect for Idina Menzel & Rita Ora


You could almost hear Alicia Keys singing ‘New York, New York’ watching Donna Karan reveal her newest ‘Empire State of Mind’ collection for today’s sophisticated, urbane woman.

Power is sexy and no female designer understands that better than Donna Karan. Her latest collection for Fall 2015 exudes both power and sex appeal. It’s Donna’s great gift that she understands that a woman doesn’t have to let her cleavage hang out, go topless or bare her butt to be as sexy as can be.
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March 2nd, 2015

‘Sister Wives’ Finale: Meri’s Heartbreaking Divorce From Kody Brown To Save Robyn’s Kids

Courtesy of TLC

Kody Brown’s first wife Meri made the ultimate sacrifice ending her legal marriage, for the love of Robyn’s children.  But will her sacrifice be enough to keep Robyn’s three children from her first marriage ,safe within the family?

When news broke in early Feb. 2015 that Kody Brown had divorced first wife Meri, 43, in Sept. 2014 ,to legally marry younger fourth wife Robyn, 37, polygamy critics feared the worst. Had Kody finally begun to dump his older wives in order to move his latest love, Robyn, up the family ranks and possibly to have more children with her?
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February 26th, 2015

HollywoodLife Podcast: Shanola Hampton On ‘Shameless’ Sex Scenes & ‘The Duff’s Robbie Amell

Courtesy of HollywoodLife

You just have to listen to our new podcast. Not only does ‘Shameless’ star Shanola Hampton reveal all about her wild, crazy sex scenes, but ‘The Duff’ star Robbie Amell gives us his own high school confessions and wedding details. Here’s more.

There are very few shows in the history of TV that push the sex boundaries as much as Showtime’s Shameless, and very few actresses that have had to be as courageous sexually onscreen as Shanola Hampton. The 37-year-old star of the hit show plays Veronica, one half of a passionately in love couple, who are adventurous in bed, to say the least.
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February 24th, 2015

DKNY’s Fall 2015 Collection: Perfect For Victoria Justice & Taylor Swift


Thank you, Donna Karan, for designing clothes that won’t quit, for our lives in cities like New York that never sleep! You’ve done it again with your fall collection of bright, oversized knits and tailored, feminized menswear.

There are designers who appear to forget that their looks are supposed to be worn by real-life women, but thankfully Donna Karan is never in that group. Donna is always tuned in to both young and ageless working women, and she knows we need to stay stylish, modern, sleek AND warm.
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February 23rd, 2015

Selena Gomez: Zedd Is So Much Better For You Than Justin Bieber


Selena, just look at how happy you are with Zedd. In your photos at the Vanity Fair post-Oscars party, you look radiant. And let’s talk about how productive you’ve been since he entered your life. Selena, stick with Zedd and stay away from Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez, you have become a changed woman since Zedd entered your life. The old Selena, 22, of just a couple months ago looked strained and stressed. Even as you tried to vacation and party with friends, you never looked genuinely relaxed and happy.
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