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March 28th, 2014

Zac Efron: If You Need Help — Get It ASAP

FameFlyNet, SplashNews

Zac Efron — a lot of your fans aren’t buying your story about why you got into a brawl in LA’s notorious Skid Row on Marchg 23. Ran out of gas? Hmm. In any case, Zac, be honest with yourself; if you need to get help again — do it!

Zac Efron — at 26, you are one of the most promising young actors of this generation, and you’ve already struggled with some issues . Now, we applaud you at for checking yourself into rehab twice in 2013 and for confronting your problems head on last year.
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March 27th, 2014

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber — Don’t Get Married Now

Getty/Courtesy of Instagram

Selena Gomez – rumors are swirling that Justin Bieber has proposed, and now you’ve appeared in public wearing a gold band suspiciously on the fourth finger of your left hand. Whether you’re engaged or not, let me just advise you right away — you’re way too young to tie the knot!

Selena Gomez, you and Justin Bieber are in the midst of a hot and heavy romantic reunion. And now there are even multiple reports saying that you may be engaged. And Selena, it also doesn’t help that you gave a fabulous speech on March 26 while wearing a gold ring on your engagement finger.
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March 26th, 2014

Rent The Runway’s Jenny Fleiss: Proms, Weddings — What To Wear Exclusive

Ever feel like your closet is full of clothes, but you have NOTHING to wear? Especially for your prom, a wedding, or a special date? Rent the Runway’s co-founder Jenny Fleiss tells you how you can rent a trendy designer dress and wow your friends for just $40. Watch!

Do you want to have your own “red carpet” moment at your next prom, formal, wedding, bar mitzvah, or other special occasion or date? Then your dream dress is just a couple of clicks away on Rent the Runway, launched just four years ago, where you can borrow a top designer look at 10 percent of the actual retail price. And these are the very same looks that celebrities wear!
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March 24th, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Was Cruel To Text Families That Passengers Were Dead

Getty/Courtesy of Twitter

Doesn’t your heart go out to the devastated family members of the passengers lost on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370? After 18 days of torturous waiting, they were notified by TEXT that their loved ones had died.

Could Malaysia Airlines have been any crueler to the heartbroken families of the passengers on Flight 370 — they informed  them that their loved ones were dead by text! When Malaysian Prime Minster Najib Razak took to the airwaves for a breaking news press conference at 10 a.m. ET on March 24, it was just minutes after Malaysia Airlines had informed the distraught families of passengers by text message that “none of those on board survived.”
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March 21st, 2014

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Stop Dissing Kim Kardashian’s ‘Vogue’ Cover

Courtesy of Vogue/Getty

Sarah — what are you thinking? You’ve taken to Twitter to get nasty and encourage others to cancel their ‘Vogue’ subscriptions just because Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are featured on the April cover.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, how can you be so cruel? Why have you tweeted, “Well… I guess I’m canceling my Vogue subscription. Who is with me???”?
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March 20th, 2014

Rihanna: You’re Right To Ask Drake For A Commitment


Rihanna — you’ve spent enough time being double-timed during your relationship with Chris Brown. You’re smart to ask Drake for a monogamous relationship now — you deserve it!

Rihanna — you are one smart, beautiful and talented woman, and so it’s no wonder that Drake is crazy about you. But having a fun, casual relationship with Drake would only end up leading to romantic frustration in the longterm.
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March 19th, 2014

Selena Gomez: Don’t Even Think Of Having A Baby With Justin Bieber


Selena — you and Justin are NOT ready to have babies right now, no matter how in love you are. You two are too young, too unsettled, and have too many career opportunities to make any baby mistakes. So be careful!

Selena Gomez, the Internet went wild today after a report claimed that you were pregnant with Justin Bieber‘s twins. The report from also included a sonogram, marked with the patient name, Gomez, S. The sonogram revealed a woman’s uterus, pregnant with twin fetuses.
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March 18th, 2014

Adam Braun’s ‘The Promise Of A Pencil’ Helps You Reach Your Dreams

HollywoodLife Exclusive

Are you working against all odds to reach a goal? If you need great get-ahead advice, then check out Adam Braun’s new book, ‘The Promise Of A Pencil: How An Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change.’ Read his tips here and watch our video interview.

When Adam Braun was first inspired by his travels to India to launch a charity organization which would build schools for impoverished third world children, he was determined to fight to bring education to needy youngsters. 

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March 17th, 2014

Miley Cyrus: Stop Promoting Drugs

Getty, Courtesy of Instagram

Miley — I know you’ve said that you’re not a role model, but honestly — you’re being irresponsible, showing off a “drugs” bracelet on Instagram.

Miley Cyrus — you take pleasure in shocking, but your latest antic — modeling a “drugs” bracelet on Instagram today, March 17 — crosses the line into dangerous territory. Click here to read more

March 14th, 2014

Clare Crawley: You Should Have Been The Next Bachelorette

Courtesy of ABC

Clare’s confident sexuality should NOT have ruined her chances of becoming the next Bachelorette. With her humor, spirit and self-confidence, she would have made an amazing Bachelorette. Plus, she deserved to find true love! Don’t you agree?

When Clare Crawley pushed Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis away after he rejected her on the finale of The Bachelor, she made Bachelor history, and great television.
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March 12th, 2014

Juan Pablo: You Were Right Not To Propose On ‘The Bachelor’

Courtesy of ABC

Juan Pablo, we may not agree with your ungentlemanly behavior toward Clare Crawley, BUT you made the right decision when you decided not to  propose to Nikki Ferrell. Marriage should be forever, so you need to be 100 per cent sure!

Bachelor fans, you may be hating on Juan Pablo Galavis for refusing to give in to what producers and viewers wanted — a proposal on the show’s finale or After the Final Rose special. That’s because many Bachelor viewers want their ultimate romantic fantasy to come true on the show — a couple to fall deeply, madly and truly in love!
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March 11th, 2014

‘Bachelor’s’ Clare Crawley — Thank You For Telling Off Juan Pablo

Courtesy of ABC

Clare, loads of us women were cheering when you pushed Bachelor Juan Pablo away after he told you that you were not the woman for him. His behavior toward you was sexist and insulting, and he needed to know it!

Clare Crawley – Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis had the most unbelievable nerve to lead you on up until the very last moment, hinting that he loved you and would choose you as his bride in the season finale of The Bachelor.
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