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July 29th, 2016

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Why He’s Happy She Found Love With Alicia Cargile


Now that Kristen Stewart has opened up about her romance with Alicia Cargile, her most infamous ex, Robert Pattinson, could not be more relieved, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

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July 28th, 2016

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: His Sweet Support After ‘Girlfriend’ Announcement


No bad blood here! Robert Pattinson wasn’t caught off guard when Kristen Stewart went public with her love for Alicia Cargile — because she warned him about the interview…and the actor was adorably supportive of his ex, has EXCLUSIVELY learned!

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July 27th, 2016

Kristen Stewart Finally Confirms Alicia Cargile Relationship: I’m ‘Really In Love’ With Her


Finally! After months of speculation, Kristen Stewart finally confirmed that she’s dating Alicia Cargile — and she had nothing but the sweetest things to say about her girlfriend in a new interview.

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July 14th, 2016

Kristen Stewart Describes Falling In Love For The First Time: With Robert Pattinson?


Nostalgia alert! Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson may be broken up, but the actress may have just revealed what it was like falling in love with her her former flame. Read on for all the details!

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May 18th, 2016

Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Meet Up For Secret Coffee Date After Her Break Up — Report


Whoa! A new report claims that exes Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson had a secret meeting shortly after she broke up with Soko.

Robert Pattinson, 30, must be the best ex-boyfriend in the world. Apparently, the Twilight actor and his former flame, Kristen Stewart, 26, recently met up for coffee not long after it was revealed that she had split from Soko, 30. Could these two be getting back together, or have they just become really good friends in their romantic aftermath?
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May 13th, 2016

Kristen Stewart & Ex Soko Attend Same Cannes Party — Awkward Run-In?


This is awkward. Kristen Stewart and Soko must think alike, because both of them attended the same Cannes Fest party. Yikes! Did the exes manage to avoid each other or was their run-in a disaster?

It’s a little hard to move on from a past relationship when your ex shows up to the same event as you! Kristen Stewart, 26, and Soko, 30, both attended a Cannes Festival party in France on May 13. It’s been a few weeks since their break up, but seeing your ex at an event isn’t exactly the awkward encounter you want. See what happened here!
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May 12th, 2016

Katy Perry Leaning On Rob Pattinson Over Orlando Bloom & Selena Gomez Drama


Amidst Orlando Bloom’s alleged cheating with Selena Gomez, has learned EXCLUSIVELY that Katy Perry has turned to her longtime friend, Robert Pattinson.

Katy Perry, 31, definitely needs a shoulder to cry on as she deals with all of the speculation about her man, Orlando Bloom, 39, and his alleged fling, Selena Gomez, 23. Thankfully, she has her BFF Robert Pattinson, 29, who knows exactly what she’s going through.
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May 11th, 2016

Love Triangles Are Over: Here Are Hollywood’s Hottest Quadrangles

Love triangles are SUCH old news in Hollywood — celebrity relationships are so complicated these days, that quadrangles seem to be more the norm. Check out some of the craziest ones here!

Hollywood is a pretty small community, so when one couple gets together, there’s likely a connection to another star that’s pretty mind-blowing! Some messy webs have been formed thanks to these celebrities jumping from one lover to the next, and we’ve rounded up some of the hottest quadrangles for you to check out here!
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May 11th, 2016

FKA Twigs Turns To Kristen Stewart For Love Advice With Rob Pattinson


Well, this is weird. A new report claims that FKA Twigs has been leaning on Robert Pattinson’s ex, Kristen Stewart, for advice about their relationship. Hmm.

Is Kristen Stewart, 26, doling out love advice to her ex’s fiancee? One shocking report claims that FKA Twigs, 28, has been reaching out to the Twilight actress in hopes of figuring out her future husband, Robert Pattinson, 29.
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May 7th, 2016

Kristen Stewart: Seeing Robert Pattinson Made Her Miss Their ‘Soul Bond’

REX Shutterstock/Courtesy of Instagram

Kristen Stewart has ‘come to terms’ with splitting with Soko, and she has Robert Pattinson to thank for solidifying her decision to call it quits. has the EXCLUSIVE inside scoop.

Reuniting with Robert Pattinson, 29, at the Met Gala on May 3 helped Kristen Stewart, 26, realize what she was missing in her relationship with Soko and why having a “soul bond” is what’s most important. has all the EXCLUSIVE details!
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May 5th, 2016

Kristen Stewart & Soko Break Up Days After She Sees Ex Robert Pattinson At Met Gala


It’s over — Kristen Stewart and Soko have ended their relationship after just a few months together. The timing is interesting, though, because the news comes just three days after K. Stew saw her ex, Robert Pattinson, at the Met Gala with his new love, FKA Twigs!

Did seeing Robert Pattinson, 29, at the Met Gala have Kristen Stewart, 26, rethinking her own relationship with Soko?! Coincidentally (or, perhaps, not so coincidentally!), just days after the exes attended the same high-profile event, it’s been reported that Kristen and Soko have called it quits on their months-long romance. Hm…
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May 4th, 2016

Robert Pattinson & FKA Twigs: Kristen Stewart Thinks They Are ‘Perfect’ Together


Uh oh! Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart both showed up at the Met Gala May 2, and while R-Patz was there with fiancée FKA Twigs, has learned EXCLUSIVELY that there were no bitter feelings between the former loves.

Whew! We were a little worried when her ex Robert Pattinson, 29, arrived at the Met Ball arm in arm with his sweetheart FKA Twigs, 28, right on the heels of his ex Kristen Stewart, 26, appearance. We were hoping that there wasn’t going to be any awkward run-in, and has learned K-Stew had nothing but good wishes when she greeted for the adoring couple.
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