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April 14th, 2013

Tiger Woods Dissed By Lindsey Vonn’s Ex-Husband

Getty, FameFlynet, Facebook

Major burn! After Tiger was nearly disqualified from The Masters on Apr. 12, Lindsey’s ex poked fun at him and even called him a ‘cheater!’ Do we have a love triangle on our hands?

Tiger Woods got a scare on Apr. 13 after he found out that an illegally dropped ball cost him two strokes and nearly disqualified him from The Masters. But now that that’s died down, it looks like he has an ex-husband to deal with!
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April 11th, 2013

Tiger Woods Deserves A Second Chance At Love With Lindsey Vonn

Facebook, Getty

There’s no question that Tiger Woods was the ultimate cheating jerk when he was married to Elin, but he’s worked diligently to change his life and behavior. He’s earned a second chance at love.

Tiger Woods couldn’t have fallen off his platinum hero’s pedestal harder when his epic cheating was discovered by wife Elin Nordegren on Nov. 27, 2009.
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March 25th, 2013

Tiger Woods Wins At Bay Hill, Reclaims No. 1 Ranking


Tiger cruised at the Arnold Palmer Invitational on Mar. 25, winning the tournament and reclaiming golf’s number one ranking.

Tiger Woods finished two strokes ahead of the field on Mar. 25, winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill and grabbing golf’s top ranking in the process. It’s his second win in as many weeks!
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March 25th, 2013

Tiger Woods Close To Bay Hill Win After Lindsey Vonn Announcement

FameFlynet, Courtesy of Facebook

Looks like Tiger’s new status as a taken man has given him some confidence on the golf course — with play resuming in the Arnold Palmer Invitational on Mar. 25, he’s just 16 holes away from reclaiming his title as the number one golfer in the world!

Tiger Woods has his swagger back. After being exposed as a womanizing cheater and then losing his golf game in 2009 and 2010, his new relationship with skier Lindsey Vonn has seemingly reinvigorated him. If he wins the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill on Mar. 25, he’ll officially regain golf’s number one ranking!
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March 20th, 2013

Lindsey Vonn Pregnant? Tiger Woods Wants More Children — Report

Courtesy of Facebook (Lindsey Vonn/Tiger Woods)

A new report claims that after ex-wife Elin decided she didn’t want to get back together with the all-star golfer, he’s ready to have kids with new girlfriend Lindsey Vonn.

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn are getting serious, and fast. Although he just confirmed he was dating the Olympic skier on March 18, Tiger already wants more children, a new report says, and since ex-wife Elin Nordegren has rejected the idea of getting back together, Tiger’s turned to Lindsey.
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March 18th, 2013

Tiger Woods & Lindsey Vonn Admit They’re Dating

Courtesy of Facebook

The rumors have been confirmed by Lindsey AND Tiger — they’re a couple! Click on to see the lengthy statements and photos Lindsey and Tiger posted on their Facebooks.

The reports were building up, so Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods decided to clear everything up themselves. On Mar. 18, they took to Twitter and Facebook to admit they’re dating!
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March 12th, 2013

Tiger Woods & Lindsey Vonn’s Romantic Weekend After PGA Win

FameFlynet (3)

The sporty duo celebrated Tiger’s 76th Career PGA Tour tournament and victory aboard his stylish personal yacht, ‘Privacy,’ in Miami, Florida.

Tiger Woods celebrated his big PGA Tournament victory in style with his girlfriend, Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn. The sporty pair spent the entire week of the tournament on Tiger’s private yacht while he competed in the Cadillac Championship Golf Tournament. Their romantic weekend getaway after the tournament sent them cruising on the gorgeous Florida waters. Click here to read more

March 11th, 2013

Tiger Woods Wins World Title After Reuniting With Elin Nordegren

Getty, SplashNews

The professional golfer has gotten his career back on track with yet another win, this time at the WGC-Cadillac Championship. His victory comes weeks after a friendly reunion with his ex Elin at a golf event — do YOU think that’s why he’s playing better?

Just weeks after Tiger Woods and his ex-wife Elin Nordegren were photographed together with their kids at an event in Jupiter, Fla., he made a shocking career comeback at the Trump Doral Resort when he won the WGC-Cadillac Championship — his 17th World Golf Championship title.
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February 24th, 2013

Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus & More: Hollywood’s Biggest Liars

Whether they were hiding something or just making it up, stars all the way from Whitney Houston to Britney Spears have been caught with their pants on fire. Keep reading to see all of Hollywood’s biggest cases of phony business.

We’ll admit it: we’ve been duped more than a few times. Whether it was Miley Cyrus calling Liam Hemsworth her “hubby” and saying “we’re married” or Tiger Woods pretending to be a faithful husband (good one, Tiger), celebs can really throw us for a loop. Here are the ones that made us laugh and the ones that just made us scratch our heads.
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January 26th, 2013

Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn Denies Dating Tiger Woods

FameFlyNet, Invision/AP

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn may be keeping mum on their newfound relationship because the Olympic skier says they are ‘just friends.’ Do you believe her?

The world’s most notorious womanizer Tiger Woods may not be adding Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn to his list of conquests. Despite our exclusive reporting, stating otherwise, Lindsey says she is not dating the pro golfer.
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January 23rd, 2013

Tiger Woods Dating Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn

FameFlyNet, Invision/AP

Tiger is swapping his golf clubs for a set of skis, as he has started a hot new romance with Olympic gold medalist Lindsey, and has all the EXCLUSIVE details!

The world’s most notorious womanizer Tiger Woods has begun his first serious relationship since his marriage to Elin Nordegren ended in 2010. The Masters winner has been dating Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn since November, and he is so crazy about her that he took her on a romantic trip to Antigua! However, Lindsey’s friends are concerned about their friend dating a man who cheated on his wife with so many women. Read on for all the EXCLUSIVE details.
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March 29th, 2012

Tiger Woods Obsessed With Reading About His Lovers, Says Ex Coach

Even though Tiger Woods kept a low profile during his widely reported cheating scandal, the ex-coach of the golf pro claims that Tiger was completely consumed with reading every word written about him in the media.

Tiger Woods’ former golf coach, Hank Haney, reveals his protégé’s obsession with scouring the internet to read media reports about his infidelities and gauging readers’ responses to them in a new tell-all book entitled The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods.
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July 20th, 2011

Will Tiger Woods' Ex-Mistress Rachel Uchitel Finally Do A Tell-All TV Interview?

Since Rachel has now returned the $10 million she was paid to keep quiet, she’s free to reveal all her sexy secrets about Tiger!

TV networks are lining up to book Rachel Uchitel to spill the juicy details of her affair with then-married Tiger Woods, say new reports. He better watch out! Click here to read more

July 17th, 2011

Elin Nordegren's Billionaire Boyfriend Also Dated Tiger Woods' Mistress Rachel Uchitel!

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Well, this is awkward — Rachel ALSO had relations with Jamie Dingman! Can’t Elin get a break?

We were so excited to hear scorned wife Elin Nordegren had started to move on from Tiger Woods by dating nice-guy billionaire Jamie Dingman, but new information is surfacing that Tiger’s notorious mistress Rachel Uchitel dated Jamie as well!
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March 21st, 2011

LAURA'S LOVE ADVICE: Should You EVER Date A Known Cheater Like Tiger Woods' New GF Alyse Lahti Johnston Is?

Is Alyse making a stupid move, or is it OK to date Tiger the Tool if she’s just keeping things casual?

If you were wondering what woman in her right mind would actually date Tiger Woods after his recent sexual addiction scandal, now you have your answer in Alyse Lahti Johnston; the 22-year-old daughter of the pro golfer’s IMG sports rep is Tiger’s newest squeeze. But is she going to get her heart broken, or is she playing smart by knowing exactly what she’s in for? Read More!