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December 1st, 2015

Kristen Stewart’s Hair Makeover: See Her Slicked-Back Ponytail At Chanel’s Metier d’Art Show


Kristen Stewart is the latest celeb to practice a bit of hair magic. The actress has been sporting a short bob as of late, but at the Chanel Metier d’Art show, she rocked a lengthy, slicked-back ponytail. See her new style, and let us know if you’re loving it!

Kristen Stewart, 25, showed off a new, lengthier hairstyle at the December 1 Chanel Metier d’Art show in Rome. The actress and Chanel muse never misses a show, but this time around, she also made her debut in the Karl Lagerfeld-directed short film, Once And Forever.
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December 1st, 2015

Kristen Stewart’s Chanel Movie Released: WATCH ‘Once And Forever’

Courtesy of Twitter

Kristen Stewart takes on the role of Coco Chanel in Karl Lagerfeld’s short film, ‘Once and Forever,’ alongside Geraldine Chaplin — and you can WATCH it right HERE.

The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here! After seeing behind-the-scenes images and the trailer of Once And Forever, we can finally watch Kristen Stewart, 25, take on the role of Coco Chanel in the fictional biopic, directed by Karl Lagerfeld. The 11-minute film premiered at Chanel’s Metiers d’Art show in Rome on December 1 — and Kristen definitely didn’t disappoint! This is Kristen’s most stylish role to date. Click here to read more

November 19th, 2015

Kristen Stewart Makes Her Debut As Coco Chanel In New Movie Directed By Karl Lagerfeld

Image Courtesy of Chanel

Tres chic! Kristen Stewart is taking her role as Chanel muse to the next level with a starring role in Karl Lagerfeld’s new mini movie, ‘Once and Forever.’ KStew plays the role of the house’s iconic founder, Coco Chanel, in a fictional biopic that promises to be every bit as dramatic as it is fashionable. Get the details here!

Karl Lagerfeld just can’t seem to get enough of Kristen Stewart, 25, and we don’t blame him! After casting KStew in a number of stunning Chanel campaigns, the house’s creative directer has tapped the Twilight star once again, this time as the star of his latest short filmOnce and Forever. Taking on the role of of the brand’s iconic founder, Coco Chanel, Kristen gives a memorable performance as “a fiery young actress” that is full of emotion. Get the details here!
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October 13th, 2015

Kristen Stewart & Alicia Cargile Call It Quits? — The Truth Revealed


Kristen Stewart and Alicia Cargile haven’t been seen together in two months, and a surprising new report claims they’ve ‘amicably’ broken up. But did they really split? has the EXCLUSIVE scoop!

Is Kristen Stewart, 25, back on the market? She and Alicia Cargile haven’t been photographed together since August 1, leading many to wonder if they’ve broken up. A shocking new report even claims they’ve “amicably,” split, so what gives? has EXCLUSIVELY learned the truth!
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October 12th, 2015

Kristen Stewart & Alicia Cargile: Have They Broken Up? — Report


Is it over? Kristen Stewart and Alicia Cargile haven’t been seen together in over a month, and now, a new report claims the former ‘Twilight’ vixen may have split from her alleged girlfriend of just under a year. So sad.

Kristen Stewart, 25, and Alicia Cargile may have once been an adorable couple, but now a new report claims the pair has decided to end their alleged relationship, which began in January of this year. The couple was so close that Alicia even met Kristen’s mother, who gave her the seal of approval. Find out why the pair decided to split.
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October 6th, 2015

‘Twilight’ Book Re-Released With Gender Swap 10 Years Later: Meet Beau & Edythe

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros/ABC

It’s been 10 years since the first ‘Twilight’ book hit stores, and now, we’ve got a whole new story on our hands. Well, sort of. Author Stephanie Meyer headed on ‘Good Morning America’ on Oct. 6 to announce that her new book, ‘Life & Death: Twilight Reimagined’ is now available — with the genders of the main characters switched.

Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined will be include all the main characters, but pretty much in opposite roles. Edward has been turned into Edythe; Jacob has been turned into Julie; and Bella Swan will be Beau (short for Beaufort). “I wanted to do something fun for the 10th anniversary and the publisher wanted like a foreword and I thought, ‘Well, maybe something more interesting,’” Stephanie Meyer said on Oct. 6 on Good Morning America.
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September 28th, 2015

Updo Ideas For Short Hair — Copy Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewart & More

Getty Images

Short hair might be the cut of the moment, but when it comes to styling, updos can be a bit more difficult to master. Whether you’ve cut your hair into an almost-shoulder-grazing lob style or you’ve gone all in with a bob cut, try out one of these updo ideas.

If you’re looking for updo inspiration now that you’ve made the chop, celeb short hair experts like Taylor Swift and Kristen Stewart have done your hair homework for you with their ponytail and low knot looks. Get the details on their latest styles, and decide if you want to make your short hair updo sleek and classic or modern and messy.
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September 25th, 2015

Robert Pattinson Slams ‘Demon’ Haters Over Racist Comments About FKA Twigs

Courtesy Splash News

Some fans need to get over the fact that Robert Pattinson is engaged to FKA Twigs. The ‘Twilight’ heart throb is slamming internet users as ‘demons who live in basements’ after they posted racist messages about his sweetheart.

Robert Pattinson, 29, is very chivalrous when it comes to his future bride. He’s defending the honor of his fiancee, singer FKA Twigs, 27, against some nasty racist internet hate! Twigs has a Jamaican father and a Spanish/English mother and he can’t understand why some of his fans have a problem with him being in love with someone of mixed race.
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September 17th, 2015

Kristen Stewart Feels ‘Bad’ For Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis: She’s ‘So Closed Off’


Kristen Stewart has proved that she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. In an incredibly in-depth interview with ‘The Daily Beast,’ the actress revealed that she has been following the Kim Davis trial — and shockingly revealed she feels ‘bad’ for the Kentucky Clerk. Wait…what? Why?!

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, 49, made headlines when she denied same-sex couples the ability to obtain marriage licenses in her county. Kristen Stewart, 25, may be promoting her new sci-fi film Equals, but that hasn’t stopped her from hearing about this controversy…or voicing her opinion on it! Although Kim’s initial jailing was overturned, Kristen still feels “really bad” for Kim — and here’s why!
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September 16th, 2015

Kristen Stewart Slams Donald Trump’s Hair: It’s An ‘Unsavory Salmon’ Color

Courtesy of Vanity Fair/Getty Images

It’s the question on everyone’s mind: what exactly is Donald Trump’s hair color? A few celebrities took a stab at the perplexing question at the Toronto Film Festival, but Kristen Stewart had the greatest diss of all.

The one thing that has defined Donald Trump, 69, throughout his whole career — more than his business acumen, more than The Apprentice — is his hair. Donald’s legendary mane is part combover, part shaggy, part…something? It’s one of the most famous heads of hair in the world, but even at this point, nobody can quite guess its color. Unless you’re Kristen Stewart, that is.
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September 15th, 2015

Kristen Stewart On Her First Kiss: It Was ‘Gross,’ ‘Horrible’ And ‘Repulsive’

Getty Images

For some people, their first kiss is magical. For Kristen Stewart, it was torture. During an interview, the ‘Twilight’ actress revealed that the first time she was kissed, she thought it was ‘repulsive,’ ‘gross’ and simply ‘not good.’ Yikes!

A young person’s first kiss may be a wonderful experience, leaving a happy memory that will last for a lifetime. It sounds like Kristen Stewart, 25, wishes she could forget hers. While promoting her new film, Kristen talked about the first time she ever locked lips and the Still Alice actress made it sound like the worst thing in the world!

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September 15th, 2015

Kristen Stewart On Robert Pattinson Split: Anyone Brokenhearted Can Love Again

Getty Images

Even after a tough breakup, Kristen Stewart knows you can find love again! The actress filmed her new movie ‘Equals’ just after splitting from Robert Pattinson, and worked extra hard to perfect the role to prove to her fans that you can find love again…even when incredibly brokenhearted.

Kristen Stewart, 25, falls in love with Nicholas Hoult25, in their new movie Equals, but telling the story of fresh, young romance was much different from what she was going through in real life: A rough breakup from Robert Pattinson. Wanting to only remain professional, though, the 25-year-old made sure not to let anything from her personal life show through on the big screen, and show viewers that finding love again is always possible.
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