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November 10th, 2014

Harry Styles: I’m ‘Lucky’ Taylor Swift Has Written A Song About Me

Courtesy of Instagram/ Getty Images

Taylor Swift has absolutely no problem blasting her ex boyfriends in her music, but surprisingly Harry Styles doesn’t mind it. He actually called himself lucky to be written about! Do you agree, HollywoodLifers?

 Taylor Swift‘s, 24, latest album, 1989,  featured some lyrics that totally seem like they were about One direction’s Harry Styles, 20. “Out Of The Woods,” in particular, had some serious Harry references, but he told his fans he’s honored by it!
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October 21st, 2014

Harry Styles: Why He Can’t Wait To Have A ‘Serious Girlfriend’


Harry Styles wants everyone to forget he ever dated Taylor Swift, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. And to do that, the One Direction singer thinks he needs to date someone else!

Harry Styles, 20, is so over Taylor Swift, 24. The One Direction singer is annoyed that people are talking about his former relationship with the “Out Of The Woods” singer now that she has released another song about him, has EXCLUSIVELY learned. And he feels the best way to put their relationship in the past — for good — is to get into a serious relationship with someone else.
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October 19th, 2014

One Direction Shares Fun Teaser Of ‘Steal My Girl’ Music Video – Watch

Courtesy of Vevo

We’re just 5 days away from the full music video of ‘Steal My Girl,’ but One Direction has bestowed a music video teaser upon us! Click to WATCH!

Thank you, One Direction. Fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of their “Steal My Girl” music video. Since the boys love us so much, they’ve unveiled a sneak peek at the video! The music video is totally going to be worth the wait.
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October 19th, 2014

Harry Styles & Taylor Swift: Is ‘I Love You’ Song Really About Her? — Truth

FameFlyNet/Courtesy of YouTube

After Alex & Sierra released the Harry Styles-penned ‘I Love You,’ Haylor fans everywhere were dying to know — is the song about Taylor Swift? has the EXCLUSIVE truth.

Who knew that Harry Styles, 20, was such a talented songwriter? He was behind Alex & Sierra‘s super romantic “I Love You” song, but was it about Taylor Swift, 24? As a recent report alleged, yes. But is that really the full story? has the EXCLUSIVE truth on whether Harry has turned the tables by writing a song about Taylor!
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October 19th, 2014

Taylor Swift, Harry Styles & More: 8 Most Obsessed Exes

SplashNews/Getty/Courtesy of Instagram

It’s not over until it’s over. Even though many of our fave celeb couples have split, these exes are absolutely obsessed. Lucky us!

While we’re always secretly hoping our favorite celebrity couples end up reuniting, we can’t help but love when they just can’t get over each other. Taylor Swift, 24, Harry Styles, 20, and more are just a few couples who are still consumed with each other, even after breaking up.
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October 18th, 2014

Harry Styles Writes Heartbroken ‘I Love You’ Song — About Taylor Swift?


The One Direction star wrote the track for ‘X Factor’ duo Alex & Sierra, but a new report suggests the song is about Harry’s split from Taylor Swift! Listen to it here.

Taylor Swift may be writing songs about her ex, Harry Styles, left and right, but the One Direction star seems to have written his own track, inspired by his relationship with the Grammy Award winning artist.
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October 16th, 2014

Harry Styles Goes On Date With Erin Foster — See His New Older Girlfriend


Cougar catcher Harry Styles has landed another! The One Direction hottie, who loves to date older women, spent some quality time last week with Erin Foster — who is 12 years his senior! Could Harry have a new lady in his life?

Harry Styles, 20, has been around the block when it comes to dating older women! The “Steal My Girl” singer has been romantically linked to Caroline Flack, 34, and Kimberly Stewart, 35, but Harry’s new alleged cougar is Kimberly’s BFF, Erin Foster. Harry and the 32-year-old writer and actress hung out at a pumpkin patch last week and are reportedly “having so much fun.” So cute!
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October 14th, 2014

Harry Styles: The Sweet Way He’s Defending Taylor Swift


You may have expected Harry to be extremely upset after Taylor released a second song about him (‘Out Of The Woods’), but the One Direction singer doesn’t mind. In fact, Harry is shockingly defending Taylor to his friends, who happen to be dissing her, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY!

Taylor Swift has released another song about her ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles. Yet, instead of being angry that she’s writing about him again, the One Direction hottie is actually coming to her defense, following the release of “Out Of The Woods.” Harry’s friends are throwing some serious shade at Tay, and he’s not having any of it, has EXCLUSIVELY learned.
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October 14th, 2014

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles: How He Really Feels About ‘Out Of The Woods’


Taylor Swifts new track, ‘Out Of The Woods’ is clearly about a boy. After reading through the lyrics, it is obvious the song was written about her ex boyfriend, Harry Styles — but how does he feel about this song? has learnt EXCLUSIVELY that he could care less!

Harry Styles, 20, is the subject of the new Taylor Swift song! Out Of The Woods takes us down memory lane to the time when the 24-year-old singer dated the british hottie. We have all the EXCLUSIVE details about why Harry refuses to react to this new tune!
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October 14th, 2014

Taylor Swift’s ‘Out Of The Woods’: Three Clues It’s About Harry Styles

Splashnews/Courtesy of YouTube

The best part about a new Taylor Swift song is getting to dissect its lyrics to figure out who the song is for! Tay’s new song, ‘Out Of The Woods’ is one of the easier songs to figure out — it is for sure about her ex, Harry Styles!

Taylor Swift, 24, might as well come out and say that her new song, Out Of The Woods, is about One Direction singer, Harry Styles. After reading through the lyrics, it is obvious that she is referencing her previous relationship with the 20-year-old british boy bander. Check out the list of clear-cut reasons why this song is 100% about Harry!
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October 13th, 2014

Harry Styles Gets Sick & Vomits During Car Ride in L.A.


Hottie Harry Styles spent the night partying in L.A. on Oct. 10 and clearly paid the price the next day. The boy bander was in poor shape and unfortunately, cameras caught embarrassing shots of him hurling on the side of the highway — yikes!

This is definitely not Harry Styles‘ best look! The 20-year-old heart-throb could barely stand up straight during a wild night out in L.A. He clearly wasn’t feelin’ so hot the following morning when he asked his friend to pull over the car so he could vomit!
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October 6th, 2014

Harry Styles Rocks French Braids — Love Or Loathe His New Hairstyle?

Courtesy of Instagram

Harry is a master of headbands and man buns, but now he is rocking a new style — french braids! See what his hairstylist Lou had to say about Harry’s hair below!

Harry Styles hair continues to grow longer and longer every day. His newest hairstyle is….braids! His hairstylist Lou Teasdale posted this photo on her Instagram on October 3, writing: “Ladies and gentleman, my male grooming skillz.”
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