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Paul Heyman Undertaker Dissed

Paul Heyman Disses The Undertaker After Hospitalization

1 week ago 11
We knew pro wrestling was rough, but this is REALLY a low blow! A day after The Undertaker was taken to the hospital for a severe concussion… Read Article ▶
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CM Punk Skipped WrestleMania

CM Punk: Why WWE Fans Believe He Skipped WrestleMania 30

1 week ago 9
No matter how much chanting fans did at the Superdome in New Orleans on April 6, CM Punk wasn't going to appear at WrestleMania. However, there's a… Read Article ▶
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Daniel Bryan WrestleMania

WrestleMania: Daniel Bryan Wins World Heavyweight Championship

1 week ago 6
The wrestling world was utterly shocked by The Undertaker's defeat by Brock Lesnar, but Daniel Bryan also came out on top at WrestleMania XXX. Daniel… Read Article ▶
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Brie Bella Daniel Bryan Wedding

Daniel Bryan: Why He’s Marrying Brie Bella 5 Days After WrestleMania

1 week ago 5
It's a huge week for Daniel Bryan! On April 6, he won the title of World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 30, and on April 11, he's tying the… Read Article ▶
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Undertaker Fans React

The Undertaker Loses WrestleMania Championship: Fans React To Defeat

1 week ago 9
The undertaker finally lost one. The veteran wrestler's 21-0 win streak finally broke at WrestleMania XXX and fans had mixed reactions. Undertaker… Read Article ▶
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WrestleMania The Undertaker Loses

WrestleMania: Beast Ends The Streak — Brock Lesner Beats The Undertaker

1 week ago 51
If there's one thing wrestling fans can count on every year, it's that when WrestleMania comes around, The Undertaker will win his match -- that's… Read Article ▶
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Jake The Snake Roberts

WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremony: Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts’ Emotional Induction Stuns Crowd

1 week ago 1
WrestleMania welcomed a new class of inductees into the Hall of Fame on April 5. Jake 'The Snake' Roberts -- one of the seven members in the class… Read Article ▶
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WWE Network

WWE Network Unveils Incredible WrestleMania Week Programming

2 weeks ago 1
WrestleMania & the WWE Network, also known as a match made in heaven gives us all a plethora of never ending entertainment. So don't be left out and… Read Article ▶
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Total Divas

‘Total Divas’ Nikki & Brie Bella Talk About Marriage & More

1 month ago 0
'Total Divas', which should also be called the best reality series not only on E! but pretty much the best reality show of all time has returned for… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of E!, WWE

CM Punk Leaves Fans In Shock After No-Show At ‘Monday Night Raw’

1 month ago 0
CM Punk skipped out on 'Monday Night Raw' in his hometown of Chicago, and the Chi-town fans instantly took to Twitter to cry foul. Read below to find… Read Article ▶
CM Punk WWE Raw Return

CM Punk Skips Out On ‘WWE Raw’ In His Hometown

1 month ago 14
WWE fans were sorely disappointed on March 3, when CM Punk did not return for the 'WWE Raw' event in his hometown of Chicago. Sorry, CM Punk fans… Read Article ▶
Angela Weiss/Entertainment/Getty Images
Randy Orton Elimination Chamber Winner

WWE Elimination Chamber — Randy Orton Is World Heavyweight Champ

2 months ago 0
WWE star Randy Orton retained his World Heavyweight Championship title in Minneapolis, Minn., during WWE's 'Elimination Chamber' match on Feb… Read Article ▶
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