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Pregnant Woman Spoofs LMFAO — See Video

2 years ago 0
[flv custom_thumbnail="" ][/flv] Not since Jessica Simpson has a woman been so… Read Article ▶

Military Dad Surprises Son Dressed As Captain America — Heartwarming Video

2 years ago 3
[flv custom_thumbnail="" ][/flv] Grab the Kleenex! A father gives his son a… Read Article ▶

Toddler Becomes YouTube Sensation With Adorable 'Adele' Cover — See Video

2 years ago 4
[flv custom_thumbnail="" ][/flv] Watch out, Adele! You have some competition from… Read Article ▶
Boy Invasive Search

Wheelchair-Bound 3-Year-Old Subjected To Invasive Search At Chicago Airport

2 years ago 7
There is absolutely no excuse for the way this TSA agent treated this terrified little boy. Watch the shocking video below! This is no way to start… Read Article ▶

Baby Shrieks In Excitement At Floating Bubbles — Hilarious Video

2 years ago 0
[flv custom_thumbnail="" ][/flv] How do you blow a baby's mind? BUBBLES! Imagine… Read Article ▶
Baby Dances Click to Watch

Adorable Baby Dances To Will Smith — Cute Video Of The Week

2 years ago 0
This little guy is definitely gettin' jiggy with it! He busts a move to Will's classic song. We found Will Smith's (tiniest) biggest fan! He can't… Read Article ▶

Babies Race In Annual Indiana Diaper Dash — Watch Video

2 years ago 0
On Sunday, Feb. 26, a bunch of babies put their crawling techniques to the test! Who took home the grand prize? During a fun baby fair and family… Read Article ▶

Kids Predict This Year's Oscar Winners — Hilarious Video

2 years ago 0
[flv custom_thumbnail="" width="600" height="320"][/flv] These funny kids dish… Read Article ▶

This Little Girl Can't Blow The Candle Out — Cute Video

2 years ago 1
This adorable little girl is having the hardest time in this video! Hear everyone around her laugh and encourage her as she huffs and puffs! It's… Read Article ▶

This Baby Laughs Hysterically At Cheerios — Adorable Video

2 years ago 0
These brothers have fun together no matter what — even if it's just eating breakfast! Cheerios have never been funnier! This video is too cute. The… Read Article ▶

This Baby Is Scared Of Snoring — Hilarious Video

2 years ago 2
This adorable baby is terrified by the sound of snoring! His eyes get so wide! Too funny! Baby Jackson makes the silliest face when he hears the… Read Article ▶

This Cat Soothes A Crying Baby To Sleep — Hilarious Video

2 years ago 5
Maybe this cat should be the babysitter! He calms a crying baby so quickly in this funny video! You would think the last thing a crying baby wants… Read Article ▶
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