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MTV season six jersey shore

Is MTV's 'Jersey Shore' Season Six Doomed?

5 years ago 5
Now that Mike 'The Situation' checked himself into rehab and Snooki is pregnant, how can the show continue? I have a feeling this could be the end of… Read Article ▶
Pauly D spinoff

Pauly D's Reality Spinoff Gets Official Premiere Date

5 years ago 0
We told you Pauly D was getting his own MTV reality show and it's officially around the corner -- it debuts on March 29 -- will you tune in to… Read Article ▶
Jersey Shore Video

'Jersey Shore' Recap: Vinny Rejoins The Show After The Cast Kidnaps Him

5 years ago 1
Vinny quit the show last week but when the cast shows up to his house to get him to come back he actually agrees! Is it too soon? Vinny can't stay… Read Article ▶
Jersey Shore preview video

‘Jersey Shore’ Preview: Pauly D Sends A Girl Home When She Won’t Have Sex With Him

5 years ago 9
[protected-iframe id="390efd5dbb42712fab4ebeb3932e0286-31106563-37017238"… Read Article ▶
Jersey Shore Recap

'Jersey Shore' Recap: Vinny Quits The Show & Goes Home

5 years ago 1
Vinny has been suffering from anxiety at the shore so he packs his bags and goes home -- will he be gone forever? Vinny is outta there! The Jan. 12… Read Article ▶
Jersey Shore Season Five Premiere

Jersey Shore Premiere Recap: Snooki & Jionni Get Back Together But Mike Is Still Saying He Slept With Her

5 years ago 5
Our favorite guidos and guidettes leave Italy and head back to Seaside and Mike still swears he slept with Snooki! Jersey Shore is back! The… Read Article ▶
Jersey Shore

'Jersey Shore' Recap: Mike 'The Situation' Says He's Quitting The Show!

6 years ago 4
Mike is getting on everyone's nerves and Deena won't stop trying to sleep with Pauly D. -- are these two the most annoying cast members ever? Jersey… Read Article ▶

'Jersey Shore' Recap: Sammi & Ronnni Get Back Together & Deena Hooks Up With A Girl!

6 years ago 2
Get More: Jersey Shore, MTV Shows There was so much drama and to top it off Mike told everyone Snooki cheated on her boyfriend with him! The… Read Article ▶

'Jersey Shore' Season 4 Premiere: Mike Tells Ronnie He Had Sex With Snooki & Pauly D Makes Out With Deena!

6 years ago 4
Get More: Jersey Shore, MTV Shows Mike can't keep his hands off Snooki but the other housemates aren't too happy about it -- will Snooki dump… Read Article ▶

'Jersey Shore' Reunion: Sammi Cries & Mike Calls Her A B**ch!

6 years ago 5
Ronnie completely attacked Sammi and he called her a waste of tears! Who would have thought that much drama could fit in one shore house?! The MTV… Read Article ▶

'Jersey Shore' Recap: Sammi & Ronnie Make House Pick Sides In Their Breakup!

6 years ago 5
Jersey Shore - MTV Shows If things weren't already bad enough with Sammi and Ronnie's awkward and horrible fighting -- it just got worse! Sammi… Read Article ▶

'Jersey Shore' Recap: Sammi & Ronnie Fight Again — This Time About Another Guy!

6 years ago 4
So much happened during this latest episode of 'Jersey Shore' that it was hard to keep up! Between watching Vinny and Pauly D's adorable bromance… Read Article ▶

LAURA'S LOVE LIFE ADVICE: Should You Ever Feel 'Stupid' For Crushing On A Guy Friend Like Snooki Does With Vinny?

6 years ago 0
Snooki has a thing for her Jersey Shore castmate -- who also happens to be her roommate! Is this a bad situation in the making? Girl falls for boy… Read Article ▶

'Jersey Shore' Recap: Snooki Is Falling For Vinny & Mike Has A Situation In His Bed!

6 years ago 4
Could Vinny and Snooki be the next 'Jersey Shore' couple? It definitely seems like Snooki wants it to be that way! Who could forget about Snooki and… Read Article ▶

'Jersey Shore' Recap: Sammi Returns To The House & Everyone Gets Mad At Mike

6 years ago 1
The hilarious prank war in the house continues, and Ronnie gets a nasty surprise when Sammi finally returns. This week on Jersey Shore we finally… Read Article ▶
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