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Human Barbie Attacked

Human Barbie: Valeria Lukyanova Punched & Strangled In Brutal Attack

6 months ago 5
Valeria Lukyanova, a.k.a. the 'Human Barbie,' claims that she suffered a brutal attack outside of her home on Halloween night. She is also denying… Read Article ▶
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New Human Barbie

Human Barbie #2: Alina Kovalevskaya Says She’s Never Had Plastic Surgery

10 months ago 1
Real life Barbies are taking over the world! Valeria Lukyanova and Alina Kovalevskaya have both opted for dramatic looks, altering themselves to… Read Article ▶
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Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Quitting

Valeria Lukyanova: Is She Quitting Being The Human Barbie?

1 year ago 4
The self-proclaimed 'Human Barbie' has been looking much more human lately, posting tons of selfies wearing little-to-no makeup. This is a huge… Read Article ▶
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Human Barbie Without Makeup

Valeria Lukyanova: Human Barbie Without Makeup — Crazy Makeunder

1 year ago 6
Ukranian model Valeria Lukyanova is better known as the 'Human Barbie' for her altered barbie-like measurements and an extremely plastic look. In… Read Article ▶
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Human Barbie Disses Human Ken

Human Ken Disses Human Barbie: She’s Not That Interesting

1 year ago 16
Doll Ken would never do this to doll Barbie! Justin Jedlica is throwing daggers in the war to see who can look most like a lifeless plastic doll and… Read Article ▶
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Human Barbie Racist

Human Barbie: Read Her Shocking New Racist Interview

1 year ago 45
A Ukrainian model who has made it her life's mission to look exactly like the iconic -- and inhumanly proportioned -- Barbie doll shares… Read Article ▶
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Valeria Lukyanova Human Barbie

Valeria Lukyanova: ‘Human Barbie’ Says She Doesn’t Need Food Or Water

1 year ago 37
Well this is an interesting life choice. The Ukrainian model, Barbie doll look-alike, revealed in a shocking interview that she's well on her way to… Read Article ▶
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