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Levi Johnston custody

Levi Johnston Wants To Take Custody Of Tripp Away From Bristol Palin

5 years ago 8
Levi believes his ex Bristol is doing a terrible job parenting their son, and now he is seeking full custody! Read on for all the details. Bristol… Read Article ▶
Guess Who This Cutie Patootie Belongs To!

Guess Who This Cutie Patootie Belongs To!

6 years ago 2
This adorable boy has two parents that have been in the news a lot recently. We can't believe how big he's gotten! Any guesses? Look at those… Read Article ▶

Did Levi Johnston Rape Bristol Palin? Dr. Drew Investigates!

6 years ago 1
In a one-on-one exclusive interview airing tonight, Dr. Drew delves deep into the Palins' personal lives, claiming Levi used an 'intoxicated' Bristol… Read Article ▶

Levi Johnston Takes Aim At Sarah Palin With His Shocking New Book Cover!

6 years ago 9
If the cover of his new memoir is any indication, Levi won't be pulling any punches! Levi Johnston shocked the world when he announced he'd be… Read Article ▶

Bristol Palin Snubs Baby Tripp: 'I Wish I Waited' — WHOA!

6 years ago 11
Bristol confesses that teen motherhood is not ideal and that she wishes she could go back and rethink her decision. Did she just diss her… Read Article ▶
Getty Images

Levi Johnston Didn't Give Bristol Palin Permission To Take Baby Tripp To Arizona, Says His Attorney—EXCLUSIVE!

6 years ago 19
Levi Johnston is not an absentee dad and he's fighting to get his son back, his attorney, Rex Butler, tells exclusively. There are two… Read Article ▶

Bristol Vs Levi: She Wants Him To Give Up All Parental Rights. Experts Warn It Could Permanently Damage Their Baby!

6 years ago 3
Bristol Palin needs to rethink her plans to completely remove Levi Johnston from their son Tripp's life. Experts say she's damaging the boy… Read Article ▶

Levi Johnston Has Only Seen Son, Tripp, Three Times Since 'DWTS' Ended In November

6 years ago 7
Bristol Palin says he's only spent about 12 hours with their son in the past few months! Shame on you, Levi! Poor Tripp Johnston! Although his mom… Read Article ▶

Levi Johnston Has Yet To Approve Of Son Tripp Moving To Arizona With Bristol Palin!

6 years ago 2
Bristol wants to relocate to Arizona, but will her son Tripp be going with her? It's all up to daddy Levi! Bristol Palin may be planning to relocate… Read Article ▶

Bristol Palin Doesn't Remember What It's Like To Sleep Late: 'It's Hard Being A Single Mom'

7 years ago 0
Dancing With the Stars finalist Bristol Palin has traded fun nights out with her friends for early mornings at home with her 23-month-old son… Read Article ▶

Sarah Palin's 16-Year-Old Daughter, Willow, Reportedly Had A Pregnancy Scare!

7 years ago 17
Willow Palin is popular with the opposite sex, as we saw in her mom's new show, Sarah Palin's Alaska. But is she heading toward teen motherhood like… Read Article ▶

Bristol Palin Says Levi Johnston Hasn't Seen Their Son, Tripp, In Four Months!

7 years ago 0
This is sad. Bristol says her ex Levi, who's running for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, is "too busy" to see their toddler! Bristol Palin and Levi… Read Article ▶
inset: Getty Images

Bristol Palin Confesses: 'I've Slept With One Guy In My Life!'

7 years ago 20
Uh oh! That was a 'whoops,' wasn't it? It's clear that Bristol still isn't comfortable with her relationship with baby daddy Levi Johnston! Bristol… Read Article ▶

Bristol Palin & Levi Johnston Are Back On! We Hope Bristol Isn't Breaking Her Chastity Vow!

7 years ago 1
[caption id="attachment_144591" align="aligncenter" width="544" caption="Getty Images"][/caption] Bristol says she's staying abstinent until… Read Article ▶
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