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Scandal Maya Shoots Rowan

‘Scandal’ Recap: A Deadly Plan Leaves Many Lives In Jeopardy

6 days ago 8
Whoa. The penultimate episode of 'Scandal' went off like a bomb. Literally. Many of our favorite character's lives are hanging by a thread, and… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of ABC
Scandal Olivia Pope B613

‘Scandal’ Recap: Olivia Makes A Catastrophic Mistake

2 weeks ago 8
With only three episodes left, 'Scandal' sure upped the 'OMG' moments in the April 3 episode. Let's be clear -- these next three episodes of Scandal… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of ABC
Scandal Mellie & Fitz

‘Scandal’ Recap: Fitz & Mellie’s Kids Stir Up The Drama

3 weeks ago 6
The March 27 episode of 'Scandal' was filled with something we haven't seen yet: teen angst. The First Children finally made their long-awaited… Read Article ▶
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Scandal Jake Shoots David or James

‘Scandal’: A Fan-Favorite Character Gets Shot In A Shocking Cliffhanger

1 month ago 9
'Scandal' definitely upped its OMG factor on the March 13 episode -- so much so that two characters' lives are in the balance! The March 13 episode… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of ABC

‘Scandal’ Recap: Mellie & Andrew Finally Give In To Temptation

1 month ago 2
Just when you think you know where 'Scandal' is going, the hit ABC show drops another crazy shocker! The March 6 episode of Scandal delivered… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of ABC
Scandal Recap Mellie Affair

‘Scandal’: Why Mellie Deserves To Have An Affair

2 months ago 4
'Scandal' returned last night and Mellie went out with a bang! Literally. The First Lady finally has a love interest on the campaign trail, and I… Read Article ▶
Scandal Mid-Season Premiere Recap

‘Scandal’ Recap: Mellie Gets A New Love Interest

2 months ago 3
Even with a months-long hiatus, the Feb. 27 episode of 'Scandal' didn't waste anytime getting down to business. One of the most shocking reveals was… Read Article ▶
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Scandal Olivia Mother Alive

‘Scandal’ Recap: Olivia & Mellie’s Family Histories Reveal New Twists

5 months ago 7 counts down the seven most 'Scandal'ous moments from this week's game-changer. If you told me that Scandal decided to amputate its… Read Article ▶
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Scandal Season 3 Episode 6

‘Scandal’ Recap: Olivia Demands Answers About ‘Project Remington’

5 months ago 1
Plus, the battle for the White House takes a weirdly sexy turn. "I have so many questions to ask you, but I'm afraid you'll kill my friends if I… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of ABC
Scandal Olivia Jake Kiss

‘Scandal’ Recap: Olivia Finally Learns The Truth About ‘Remington’

6 months ago 8
Plus, 'Scandal's' answer to Anthony Weiner nearly proved too much for Pope & Associates to handle. When running/hiding from her dad became way too… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of ABC
Scandal Season 3 Spoilers

‘Scandal’ Scoop: Olivia’s ‘Dark’ Past Will Be Revealed In Season 3

7 months ago 2
Plus, can her relationship with Fitz survive the revelations to come? The cast and creator tell all! (Sort of.) Scandal is officially back -- just… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of ABC
Scandal Season Premiere

‘Scandal’ Recap: Fitz & Olivia’s Affair Leaker Revealed On Season Premiere

7 months ago 10
Spoiler alert: Stop reading if you haven't watched the season premiere of 'Scandal.' It was a doozy! Aren't gossip reporters just the worst? With… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of ABC
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