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Ryan Phillippe's Alleged Baby Momma Gives Her Daughter His Last Name! Uh, Guess He's The Daddy!

6 years ago 2
Although paternity test results have yet to be revealed, the actor has allowed Alexis Knapp to give her daughter his surname. So, we're assuming… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony's Attorney Jose Baez Weighs Out Options For Million Dollar Interview — NBC, ABC or CBS?

6 years ago 12
Jose Baez has been living large in New York City at the Mandarin Oriental hotel -- courtesy of NBC! But who will wind up getting Casey's first… Read Article ▶

Octomom REALLY DID Say Her Kids Are 'Disgusting' — It's All Caught On Tape!

6 years ago 4
After In Touch magazine ran an interview with the mom of 14 in which she said she was suicidal, hated her babies and called her older kids animals… Read Article ▶

Ryan Phillippe & Very Pregnant Ex Alexis Knapp Grab Coffee Before Heading To Doctor's Appointment…Together!

6 years ago 1
DNA test or not, Ryan sure is ACTING like he's the father of Alexis' unborn baby. According to, Ryan Phillippe was spotted out and about with… Read Article ▶

Kim Kardashian's Engagement Ring Inscribed With Secret Love Messages From Kris!

6 years ago 6
Kris just loves his fiancee Kim so much -- and the messages on the inside of her engagement ring represent their bond! Kim Kardashian is one lucky… Read Article ▶

12-Year-Old Jaden Smith Made Over $3 Millon For 'Karate Kid!' That's Crazy!

6 years ago 1
Funny thing is, he is still the poorest member of the Smith brood! It's official. Jaden, 12, and Willow Smith, 10, no longer have to ask for… Read Article ▶

Chace Crawford Makes Deal To Wipe Pot Possession Charge From His Record!

6 years ago 0
Chace is on probation for the next year and has to stay out of trouble with the law if he wants to clear his slate! Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford… Read Article ▶

Charlie Sheen And Brooke Mueller Custody Case Involves 'Questions Of Abuse'

6 years ago 1
The judge in Charlie and Brooke's case just kicked all media from the courtroom, stating there are sensitive and private matters to be… Read Article ▶

Brooke Mueller Back In Rehab — Charlie Sheen Wants Custody Of Twins. Good Idea?

6 years ago 3
After being caught purchasing crack cocaine, Brooke is back in rehab and Charlie is going to court. Sources close to situation tell that… Read Article ▶

Halle Berry And Gabriel Aubry In Court Today To Battle For Custody Of Nahla!

6 years ago 2
It sounds like Halle and her baby daddy Gabriel are making some progress when it comes to a custody agreement over their 3-year-old daughter Nahla… Read Article ▶

Charlie Sheen Brainstorming Next TV Move With Fox!

6 years ago 2
The onetime sitcom star could become a late-night host! That's just one of the ideas he's said to be tossing around with network execs. Maybe that's… Read Article ▶

Charlie Sheen Needs A 'Parenting Shadow!' Ouch.

6 years ago 0
Charlie, Brooke and their lawyers tried to come to a custody agreement this weekend with no luck. Now they're heading to court to settle the… Read Article ▶

Lindsay Lohan: I Won’t Take Plea Deal With 6 Months In Jail — I’m Going To Trial!

6 years ago 0
LilLo has had enough of being behind bars! She says she won't go back without a fight! Lindsay Lohan says she's going to trial! Sources reveal… Read Article ▶

Mom Wins! Halle Berry Heading Back To The 'New Year's Eve' Set In Latest Round of Custody Smackdown

6 years ago 0
The courts have granted Halle permission to take little Nahla across the country to film her latest flick. Halle Berry is a working woman once more… Read Article ▶

Sad Video: Kim Richards Too Drunk To Board Plane — She Still Has Problems.

6 years ago 0
Kim clearly didn't learn enough from her week in rehab. We hope she gets more help soon! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards can't… Read Article ▶
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