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8 tik tok Articles

Comedian Julie Brown Is Banned From Debuting Ke$ha Music Video Spoof On Logo! WATCH!

6 years ago 1
[flv width="544" height="400"][/flv] We all love Ke$ha's hit single 'Tik Tok' but it appears that one MTV… Read Article ▶

OMG! Watch This Video Of A 14-Year Old Curvy Ke$ha Grind Dancing At Band Camp!

7 years ago 3
[flv width="544" height="440"][/flv] Many claim that Ke$ha tries too hard to be the… Read Article ▶

EXCLUSIVE! OMG – Ke$ha & Her New Man Almost Got Tattooed Together!

7 years ago 2
Slow down, lady – you're moving a little too fast! Tattoos are forever, and you've been dating Alex Carapetis for a nanosecond! Hey, Ke$ha – you… Read Article ▶

EXCLUSIVE! Yup, It’s Definitely Ke$ha In That Scandalous Nude Photo!

7 years ago 3
Although Ke$ha says she's never taken any naked pictures, she's telling her friends a different story! When raunchy photos of a gal that looked… Read Article ▶

BFFs — What Did You Think Of Ke$ha's Out-Of-This-World 'SNL' Performances?

7 years ago 4
Lasers? Check. Astronauts? Check. Ke$ha took us to the moon and back last night! Musical guest Ke$ha hit the Saturday Night Live stage last night… Read Article ▶

EXCLUSIVE! Find Out Why Ke$ha Is The #1 Dodgeball Target In LA!

7 years ago 1
Ke$ha definitely took more than one for the team at the LA Dodgeball Championship in Los Angeles April 12. Apparently being a celebrity isn't good… Read Article ▶

Noah Cyrus — Miley's 9-Year-Old Sister — Films ANOTHER Inappropriate Dance Video!

7 years ago 7
It's no wonder Miley Cyrus says she doesn't want to be a role model ... she isn't very good at it!  Miley's 9-year-old sister Noah Cyrus just posted… Read Article ▶

Watch Out Lady Gaga, Ke$ha's Stealing Your Style!

7 years ago 35
It's time to take sides, who's got the best of the crazy makeup - Gaga or Ke$ha? My iPod is currently obsessed with Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' and… Read Article ▶