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'The Secret Circle' Scoop: Britt Robertson Reveals Cassie's Dark 'Struggles' Ahead

6 years ago 1
'The Secret Circle' midseason finale airs tonight! We chatted with Britt to find out just how dark Cassie will go. Up until now, we've only gotten a… Read Article ▶
secret circle 1x08

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Cassie & Jake Get Closer… To A Dead Body!

6 years ago 5
Do you think there's still hope for Jake to become a good guy? This week's episode gave me hope. A quiet evening at Faye's (Phoebe Tonkin)… Read Article ▶
secret circle spoilers

'Secret Circle' Scoop: Britt Robertson Previews Cassie & Faye's Fight Over Jake!

6 years ago 0
A game of truth or dare turns ugly! Britt gives us the scoop on 'the best episode of the season.' Adam who? On the Nov. 3 episode of The Secret… Read Article ▶
secret circle 1x07

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Cassie Lets Her Dark Side Out! Is It Here To Stay?

6 years ago 5
Plus, Adam tries to win Diana back! Do you think she should give him a second chance? If the Oct. 27 episode of The Secret Circle taught me anything… Read Article ▶
the secret circle 1x06

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Diana & Adam Break Up! Does He Really Belong With Cassie?

6 years ago 5
Plus, the arrival of Nick's shady brother forces the Circle to get over his death... pretty quickly. I know this is a show about a coven of witches… Read Article ▶
secret circle jake

'The Secret Circle' Scoop: Get To Know Nick's 'Sexy, Mysterious' Replacement!

6 years ago 1
Jessica Parker Kennedy fills us in on Chance Harbor's newest 'bad boy,' Jake! Fans of The Secret Circle are still grieving the loss of Nick (Louis… Read Article ▶

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Can You Believe They Killed Off [Spoiler]?

6 years ago 89
The circle is down one very pouty-faced member after this week's 'Secret Circle.' Well, kids, just because we knew it was going to happen, that… Read Article ▶
The Secret Circle, Nick Armstrong, Louis Hunter

'The Secret Circle' Key Comments: Fans Are 'Devastated' Over [Spoiler]'s Death!

6 years ago 34
From 'Let's start a petition' to 'I don't think I can keep watching,' fans of 'The Secret Circle' are mourning the loss of Nick Armstrong. Even… Read Article ▶

'The Secret Circle' Scoop: Melissa's Possession Has A Major Impact On Nick

6 years ago 16
Get the scoop on Melissa & Nick from Jessica Parker Kennedy, then watch a clip from this week's 'Secret Circle'! It doesn't take a psychic to know… Read Article ▶

'The Secret Circle,' 'Hart Of Dixie,' & 'Ringer:' Which Of Your Favorite CW Shows Are Safe?

6 years ago 0
The CW premiered three new fabulous shows this fall, but which ones will make the cut to stay on the air? Nearly every night has been an exciting TV… Read Article ▶

'Secret Circle' Recap: Cassie & Faye Bond Plus Someone In The Circle's Possessed!

6 years ago 0
Can we also talk about how Adam is TOTALLY Team Cassie now!? I'm not a fan of scary movies. I usually watch them with my hands almost completely over… Read Article ▶

'Secret Circle': Phoebe Tonkin Reveals Why Faye Can Be So 'Relentless'! Find Out!

6 years ago 0
Faye is one of the breakout characters on 'The Secret Circle' but she has a mean streak. Phoebe Tonkin gives us a hint as to why! Anybody who is a… Read Article ▶

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Diana Confronts Cassie & Faye Gives An Awesome Speech!

6 years ago 0
When their parents actions come back to haunt them, the Circle must come together to defend themselves... plus someone gets 'marked'! Chance Harbor… Read Article ▶

Shelley Hennig On 'Secret Circle' Love Triangle: Everyone's Going To Crack At Some Point!

6 years ago 1 speaks to The Secret Circle's Shelley Hennig about her character Diana's love triangle with Cassie and Adam and she confesses… Read Article ▶

'The Secret Circle' Recap: When Adam & Cassie Get Together Magical Things Happen!

6 years ago 0
Okay, it's a show about witches, magical things ALWAYS happen. But I'm loving Adam and Cassie's chemistry aren't you? Also we saw a crystal! And some… Read Article ▶
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