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10 The Pretty Reckless Articles

Sofia Says: Why The Heck Have Raccoon Eyes Infiltrated Hollywood — Did I Miss The Memo? I'm Looking At You, Pia Toscano And Taylor Momsen!

6 years ago 1
Last time I checked, it wasn't cool to resemble an animal, especially one that carries rabies! Don't get my wrong, I love me a smokey eye -- ahem Kim… Read Article ▶
Getty Images

Taylor Momsen's Advice To Girls: Don’t Sleep Around…Masturbate!

6 years ago 14
The Pretty Reckless singer wants girls around the world to know it's okay to touch themselves instead of giving it all away to a guy who doesn't… Read Article ▶

Taylor Momsen Blames Her Parents For Miserable Childhood & Says She Was Forced To Work — Do You Agree?

7 years ago 12
She may seem angry and angst ridden all the time, but Taylor has a good excuse -- her parents made her start working at 2-years-old! Most… Read Article ▶
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Taylor Momsen, You Have Some Nerve Telling The Audience At Your LA Concert To Not Videotape Or Take Pictures!

7 years ago 4
[flv width="544" height="442"][/flv] If you don't want your boobs all over the Internet, stop flashing… Read Article ▶

GROSS! Taylor Momsen Is A Pyromaniac — She Burned Her Dog's Nuts!

7 years ago 11
The former Gossip Girl gone bad isn't hiding her love of fire and grossed out her band mates by burning her dogs neutered nuts. Nasty! We gagged a… Read Article ▶

WATCH! Taylor Momsen Clarifies Her Recent Rihanna Bashing: 'I Wasn't Insulting! Rihanna's Great!'

7 years ago 2
[flv width="544" height="400"][/flv] Taylor insists she didn't call Rihanna a poser -- not intentionally… Read Article ▶

Taylor Momsen Bashes Rihanna & Calls Her A Poser…She Needs To Take A Look In The Mirror!

7 years ago 29
Taylor Momsen says she's sick of people confusing pop for rock and that SHE's the real deal. Excuse us while we snort with laughter. Taylor Momsen… Read Article ▶

New Video! Taylor Momsen In Undies Crawls On Table In Front Of Older Men! Is This Child Porn?

7 years ago 16
16-year-old Taylor has gone way over the line, pimping herself out in her latest video as she writhes and dances while looking completely… Read Article ▶

FIRST LOOK! Taylor Momsen Gets, Like, Super Angsty & Dark In Her Debut Music Video, 'Make Me Wanna Die!'

7 years ago 2
Taylor's totally making herself the anti-Miley! Do you approve? Taylor Momsen, 16, sure does want us to see her as a beautiful, tortured girl… Read Article ▶

Exclusive: “Tension” On Set Of Gossip Girl! Taylor Momsen Is Not Happy With Leighton Meester

7 years ago 2
What do you get when you take two young, hot starlets, put them on the same hit television show, but only give one of their albums play on that show… Read Article ▶
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