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‘The Interview': The Silver Lining James Franco & Seth Rogen See In Terrorist Threat

2 months ago 2
Leave it to James and Seth to see the 'silver lining' in the terrifying terrorist threat regarding the screening of their dark comedy film, 'The… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Columbia Pictures
Eminem Cameo The Interview

Eminem’s Gay Confession In ‘The Interview': Why He Filmed The Cameo

2 months ago 17
Eminem's cameo in 'The Interview' may be the funniest one we've ever seen! The much talked about moment, when the rapper jokingly admits he's gay, is… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Columbia Pictures
Eminem The Interview

Eminem: Fans Freak Out Over His Gay Confession In ‘The Interview’

2 months ago 22
Eminem poked fun at himself in a hilarious cameo in 'The Interview', where he admits to being gay. Though the confession is fake, fans are freaking… Read Article ▶
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Eminem Gay

Eminem Admits He’s Gay In Hilarious Cameo In ‘The Interview’ – Watch

2 months ago 3
'The Interview' is chock full of hilarious cameos, but none of them top Eminem -- who admits to being gay during a one-on-one with James Franco in… Read Article ▶
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'The Interview' -- YouTube Release?

‘The Interview': YouTube Agrees To Stream Movie On Christmas Eve

2 months ago 0
More good news for Sony Pictures! The company announced that YouTube along with several other online outlets will now stream 'The Interview' as a… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Columbia Pictures
James Franco Seth Rogen Celebrate

James Franco & Seth Rogen Celebrate The Release Of ‘The Interview’

2 months ago 0
Now that 'The Interview' is headed back to theaters, James Franco and Seth Rogen are celebrating their 'victory' on Instagram! No one is more happy… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Instagram
The Interview Released

‘The Interview’ To Release On Christmas Day

2 months ago 3
After being ridiculed by many, including Barack Obama, for pulling 'The Interview' from theaters, Sony has changed their tune and will allow select… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Columbia Pictures
Barack Obama Sony Mistake

Barack Obama Slams Sony: Not Releasing ‘The Interview’ Was A ‘Mistake’

2 months ago 3
The president has weighed in on Sony's decision not to release 'The Interview' after 9/11-inspired threats were made on moviegoers, and Barack Obama… Read Article ▶
Team America Cancelled

‘Team America’: Film Showings Cancelled After ‘The Interview’ Threats

2 months ago 0
First, beleaguered Sony Corporation cancelled all showings of 'The Interview' following threats of violence. Then when theaters announced they'd… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Paramount Pictures
The Interview Canceled

‘The Interview': Jimmy Kimmel & More Outraged Over Cancellation

2 months ago 0
Celebs were outraged after Sony decided to pull The Interview's theatrical release date following a terrorist attack threat -- check out their angry… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Columbia Pictures
Sony Hack North Korea

Sony Hacking Attack: North Korea Was Responsible, US Investigators Say

2 months ago 0
U.S. investigators have determined that hackers working for North Korea were directly responsible for the Sony hacking attack, according to CNN and… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Columbia Pictures
The Interview Pulled

‘The Interview’ Theatrical Release Canceled By Sony — Fans React

2 months ago 1
Now that Sony has decided to pull 'The Interview' from being released due to terrifying threats of terror, movie fans have taken to Twitter to… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Columbia Pictures
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