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The Blind Side Michael Oher

Michael Oher: ‘The Blind Side’ Inspiration Claims Movie Hurt His Football Career

2 years ago 4
Michael Oher is sharing his true feelings about 'The Blind Side.' The NFL offensive lineman, who was the inspiration behind the 2009 sports drama… Read Article ▶
Getty/Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Sandra Bullock And Jesse James Are Planning To Spend Christmas Together In Texas

6 years ago 3
The divorced couple will be celebrating Christmas together in Austin for the sake of their kids. Is this smart or a stupendously bad idea? Just eight… Read Article ▶

WATCH! Justin Bieber Reveals His BIG Secret To Making 'The Girls Go Crazy!'

7 years ago 11
Justin (and his hair) kicked off the MTV Movie Awards right! During the opening video for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, Justin Bieber revealed to the… Read Article ▶

There's No Way K-Stew Will Beat Out Sandra For Best Female Performance At The MTV Movie Awards!

7 years ago 92
Don't shoot the messenger! I think Kristen Stewart deserves to win just as much as you do — but Sandra Bullock is totally taking home the sympathy… Read Article ▶

Sandra, We're Not Surprised You Adopted A Baby From New Orleans! It's Practically Your Second Home!

7 years ago 0
You became so active in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina — you even bought a home there! Sandra Bullock, you shocked EVERYONE today when you… Read Article ▶

Hey Jerry Springer — We Have Three Contestant Suggestions For Your New Dating Show, 'Baggage'!

7 years ago 3
[caption id="attachment_93922" align="aligncenter" width="544" caption=""][/caption] Jerry, Jerry, JERRY!! YOU HAVE TO HAVE these three… Read Article ▶

Hey, Sandra! An Image Expert Urges You To Come Out Of Hiding & Show Your Face!

7 years ago 16
[caption id="attachment_93147" align="alignnone" width="544" caption="Getty Images"][/caption] We know it will be hard, but a media consultant says… Read Article ▶

A Relationship Coach Tells HollywoodLife.Com How Sandra Can Cope With Her Husband’s Public Infidelity

7 years ago 1
[caption id="attachment_82288" align="aligncenter" width="544" caption="Getty Images"][/caption] Sandra, we know how hard this must be for you, but… Read Article ▶

BREAKING! Sandra Bullock Cancels ANOTHER 'Blind Side' Premiere Overseas! Can You Blame Her?

7 years ago 5
[caption id="attachment_91560" align="alignnone" width="544" caption=""][/caption] Sandra Bullock isn't coming out of hiding any time… Read Article ▶

Michelle McGee's Ex-Husband Seeks Emergency Court Order To Get Custody Of Couple's Son

7 years ago 0
[caption id="attachment_90388" align="alignnone" width="544" caption=""][/caption] Do YOU think Michelle "Bombshell" McGee should keep… Read Article ▶

Why Would Jesse Cheat On Sandra? An Expert Weighs In!

7 years ago 4
[caption id="attachment_88675" align="alignnone" width="544" caption=""][/caption] Do you think Jesse cheated because he felt… Read Article ▶

EXCLUSIVE! The Day After The Oscars, Jesse James' Alleged Mistress Complained About A Lack Of Sex

7 years ago 33
Do you think it's purely coincidental that Michelle Bombshell tweeted about not getting any the day after Sandra won an Oscar, or is her affair… Read Article ▶

Sandra Bullock Cancels Her UK Premiere Amidst Reports That Jesse James Was Unfaithful!

7 years ago 40
[caption id="attachment_88155" align="alignnone" width="544" caption="inset:"][/caption] We really hope these reports of Jesse James… Read Article ▶

HollyVote! Sandra Bullock Best & Charlize Theron Worst Dressed At The Oscars!

7 years ago 1
And the Oscar goes to ... Hey HollywoodLifers! Yesterday, Mar. 8, in shared polls with PopEater, we asked who you voted "Best Dressed"   and "Worst… Read Article ▶

Oscar Winner Sandra Bullock Says Of Her Win: 'No One Saw It Coming!'

7 years ago 1
[caption id="attachment_82288" align="alignnone" width="544" caption="Getty Images"][/caption] You might have expected it, but Sandra Bullock was… Read Article ▶
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