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Sorry, Lindsay! A Lawyer Says There Is Slim To No Chance Of You Getting Out Early This Time!

7 years ago 7
Judge Elden Fox is holding Lindsay Lohan in custody without bail for 28 days...and LA-based criminal attorney Steve Cron tell us she's going to… Read Article ▶

EXCLUSIVE! Lawyer Tells Us Lindsay Lohan Will Probably Be Sent To Jail For At Least 30 Days!

7 years ago 5
[caption id="attachment_156888" align="alignnone" width="544" caption=""][/caption] Lindsay Lohan broke the rules of her parole and will… Read Article ▶

EXCLUSIVE! An Expert Says Doctors Are NUTS If They Yank Lindsay From Rehab Before 90 Days!

7 years ago 7
Dina Lohan claims her daughter might be released from UCLA Medical Center earlier than expected if doctors tell the judge she's healthy...but… Read Article ▶

EXCLUSIVE! Lindsay Lohan Wasn’t Getting Special Treatment In Jail, Says Lawyer

7 years ago 0
[caption id="attachment_167109" align="alignnone" width="544" caption="Main: (2), insets: AP, Getty Images"][/caption] Leading… Read Article ▶

Lindsay Lohan’s Lawyer Resigns! Insider Says, ‘Lindsay’s Looking For Someone To Blame!’

7 years ago 5
After failing to keep her out-of-control client jail free, Lilo's defense attorney has stepped down...and we think we know why Lindsay Lohan laughed… Read Article ▶

EXCLUSIVE! Insider Reveals: Lindsay Lohan Didn't Get Especially Harsh Treatment

7 years ago 3
[caption id="attachment_157166" align="alignnone" width="544" caption=""][/caption] Lindsay Lohan's 90-day jail sentence seems intense… Read Article ▶

Bad News For Elin! Our Experts Say She Will Have A Hard Time Moving To Sweden With Her Kids!

7 years ago 30
[caption id="attachment_106175" align="alignnone" width="544" caption=", Getty Images"][/caption] BFFs, you want to see Elin get… Read Article ▶

Hooray, Sandra! Little Sunny Is Back In Your Arms! It's A Big Reunion!

7 years ago 23
[caption id="attachment_102241" align="alignnone" width="544" caption=""][/caption] While Jesse is holed up in sex rehab, Sandra has… Read Article ▶

Oh No Sandra! This Is Terrible News – A Los Angeles Lawyer Tells Us You Won't Get Custody Of Jesse's Kids!

7 years ago 2
Do you think it's fair Sandra won't be able to legally claim the kids she treated like her own? If Sandra Bullock divorces Jesse James, the… Read Article ▶

Even If Elin Did Beat Tiger With A Club, She'd Get The Kids In A Divorce, Lawyer Says

7 years ago 11
During his public address Feb. 19, Tiger forcefully denied rumors Elin hit him on Thanksgiving night, but one lawyer tells us, even if she had… Read Article ▶