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Lorenzo Lamas' Wife Pregnant

Lorenzo Lamas’ Wife Is Giving Birth To Their Grandchild

1 month ago 7
Lorenzo Lamas' wife, Shawna Craig, is taking her role as stepmom to a whole new level like you'll never believe. She has volunteered to be a… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Closer Weekly
Shayne Lamas Baby

Shayne Lamas: Surrogate Carrying 2nd Baby After Life-Threatening Miscarriage

7 months ago 1
Seven months after a freak pregnancy complication resulted in a miscarriage, Shayne Lamas has revealed that she and her husband, Nik Richie, are… Read Article ▶
Shayne Lamas Coma

Shayne Lamas Wakes Up From Coma, Speaks Out After Unborn Baby Dies

1 year ago 5
Shayne Lamas lost her unborn baby on Feb. 9 while undergoing an emergency hysterectomy. The former 'Bachelor' star was in a medically induced coma… Read Article ▶
Shayne Lamas Baby

Shayne Lamas: Nik Richie Holds & Names Unborn Baby After It Dies

1 year ago 7
This is such a sad story. Former 'Bachelor winner' Shayne Lamas and her husband Nik Richie are currently coping with the loss of their 16-week-old… Read Article ▶
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Shayne Lamas Coma Baby

Shayne Lamas: ‘Bachelor’ Winner In Hospital After Suffering Miscarriage

1 year ago 10
This is the sort of news you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. On Feb. 10, rumors surfaced that Shayne Lamas of 'Bachelor' fame was in a coma after… Read Article ▶

Congrats, Shayne Lamas! You Gave Birth To Your Daughter On 11/11/11!

3 years ago 2
Reality TV star Shayne Lamas had a baby on the luckiest day of the century! The Bachelor winner Shayne Lamas gave birth to her first daughter with… Read Article ▶

Former 'Bachelor' Winner Shayne Lamas Is Pregnant!

4 years ago 0
There's another "Bachelor" baby on the way! Shayne Lamas, 25, who was formerly engaged to Season 12 Bachelor Matt Grant in 2008, is expecting her… Read Article ▶
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