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Miley Cyrus Patrick Schwarzenegger Sex

Patrick Schwarzenegger & Miley Cyrus: Inside Her ‘Sex Ban’ After Spring Break

11 months ago 4
She can't stop. She won't stop – but she will put the kibosh on sex to punish her man! An insider revealed EXCLUSIVELY to that… Read Article ▶
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Sex On The First Date

What Guys Think Of Girls Who Have Sex On The First Date

1 year ago 0
So there you are: On the best first date you've had in forever. (Tinder, amiright?) The conversation is great, the vino is flowing, and the sexual… Read Article ▶

The Sex of Beyonce & Jay-Z's Baby Is REVEALED! Click To Find Out!

4 years ago 13
A new report says daddy-to-be Jay-Z's sister has ordered a pair of super-expensive designer booties in a VERY tell-tale color! Beyonce and Jay-Z… Read Article ▶

Should You Break Up With Your Guy If You Find Out He Was Hooking Up With A Co-Worker Like Justin Timberlake Might Have Been With Mila Kunis?

4 years ago 1
Do you kick him to the curb or tough it out? Jessica Biel didn't have an easy time when she was dating Justin Timberlake, especially when rumors… Read Article ▶

Parents Could Be Banned From Finding Out The Sex Of Their Unborn Babies!

4 years ago 15
Lawmakers are worried that too many parents-to-be are aborting fetuses based on sex -- and they're trying to take control! If the law is passed… Read Article ▶

'Excuse Me, WHAT!?' — HollyBaby Bloggers Sarah & Neil Find Out The Sex Of Their Baby!

4 years ago 3
With new technology out allowing parents to know the baby's gender at seven weeks, will the excitement of the reveal become a thing of the past? The… Read Article ▶

Is It Possible To Really Love One Man If You're Sleeping With Another Like Ashley Hebert May Have Done?

5 years ago 17
Ashley reportedly had sex with Ben Flajnik right before accepting J.P. Rosenbaum's proposal. Is she really as in love as she claims she is? Ashley… Read Article ▶

Lusty Parents Warned: Having Sex While Your Babies Are Asleep in The SAME BED Is Damaging Them!

5 years ago 10
Young children could mistake love making for fighting and sounds of pleasure for cries for help, according to child psychologists! As more and more… Read Article ▶

Should You Ever Publicly Diss Your Ex's Sexual Prowess Like Crystal Harris Did About Life Between The Sheets With Hugh Hefner?

5 years ago 2
Is it anyone else's business what you get up to in bed? Crystal Harris seems to have a non-disclosure policy when it comes to her sex life: the… Read Article ▶

Should You Be Having Sexy Sleepovers With One Guy If You're Dating Several Like Ashley Hebert Was?

5 years ago 8
The Bachelorette spent the night with contestant Ben Flajnik -- while she was dating five other guys! Is this wrong or acceptable? Ashley Hebert is… Read Article ▶

Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears — Did His Mother Catch Them Having Sex?

5 years ago 1
Justin recounts a time when his mom walked on him as a youngster with another woman, could it have been his pop star girlfriend Britney? Justin… Read Article ▶

Hot New Pregnancy Trend: And It Involves Cake!

5 years ago 0
Why learn if you're having a baby boy or girl in the doctor's office or the delivery room, many moms are now finding out when they cut into a blue… Read Article ▶
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