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‘Scream’ Recap: Emma Breaks Up With Will As Major Secrets Are Exposed

4 days ago 2
Things keep going from bad to worse for Emma. On the July 28 episode of 'Scream,' she dumps Will after discovering that when they started dating, she… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of MTV
Scream Preview

‘Scream’ Sneak Peek: A Shocking New Suspect Is Discovered — Watch

5 days ago 1
Now we're really confused. In the new exclusive sneak peek of tonight's 'Scream,' Noah and Audrey discover something pretty creepy about the way last… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of MTV
Scream Emma Sex Tape

‘Scream’ Recap: A Sex Tape Leaks After Emma Discovers The Killer’s Lair

2 weeks ago 0
Has Kim Kardashian not taught us anything? Sex tapes always see the light of day. Emma learned that the hard way on the July 21 episode of 'Scream,'… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of MTV
Which Summer TV Hottie

Which Summer TV Hottie Is The One For You? — Take The Quiz

2 weeks ago 0
This summer, it seems like hot guys are flooding our TV screens every single night -- and no, we are NOT complaining! Instead, take… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of HBO/ABC/MTV

‘Scream’ Recap: The Killer Plays A Twisted Game With Emma & [SPOILER] Dies

3 weeks ago 4
Everyone knows that in order to survive a horror movie (or TV show, in this case), you can't have sex. If you do it, you die. Sadly, one character… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of MTV
Willa Fitzgerald Scream Spoilers

‘Scream’ Spoilers: Emma Will Find It Hard To Resist Keiran

3 weeks ago 0
'Scream' fans, this is so exciting. Willa Fitzgerald told EXCLUSIVELY all the details about her show -- including Emma's future… Read Article ▶
Scream Comic Con Trailer

‘Scream': Bella Thorne Returning & Scary Trailer Revealed At Comic-Con — Watch

3 weeks ago 0
She's back! During Comic-Con, 'Scream' announced that Bella Thorne would be returning to the series as mean girl Nina -- and they revealed a super… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of MTV
MTV Scream References Original

6 Times MTV’s ‘Scream’ Paid Homage To Original Franchise In Episode 2

4 weeks ago 1
What's your favorite scary movie? TV Show? Well, if it's 'Scream,' has you covered. Each week, I'll be diving into the most recent… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of MTV/Dimension Films
Scream Rachel Dead

‘Scream’ Recap: The Killer Stalks Emma After Murdering [SPOILER]

4 weeks ago 0
The killer's identity may still be a mystery, but there's one thing about him or her that we do know -- they're on a killing spree and another victim… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of MTV

‘Scream’ Sneak Peek: Noah Gives Another Creepy Speech — Watch

4 weeks ago 0
So, is this gonna be a weekly thing? On the new episode of 'Scream,' Noah gives yet another speech about murder and blood and other creepy things and… Read Article ▶
image courtesy of MTV

‘Scream’ Trailer: MTV Teases Scary & Sexy First Season With Explosive Video

1 month ago 2
We were already excited about MTV's 'Scream,' but after watching the extended trailer for the entire first season, we've officially become obsessed… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of MTV

‘Scream’ Recap: A Brutal Murder Opens A Window To Lakewood’s Troubled Past

1 month ago 0
On the June 30 series premiere of 'Scream,' we're told that 'you can't do a slasher movie as a TV series,' but it seems like MTV is going to try… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of MTV
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