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'Teen Wolf' Star Crystal Reed Weighs In On Tonight's Season Finale: Will Allison Save Scott?

6 years ago 1
Do you think Allison will choose Scott over her entire family? Vote! Now that she knows Scott (Tyler Posey) is a werewolf, Allison (Crystal Reed) has… Read Article ▶

'Teen Wolf' Recap: Allison Finds Out Scott Is A Werewolf! Ruh-Roh!

6 years ago 3
Scott's hairy secret is out! Do you think Allison will come to his rescue, or will she help her family take him down? If there's one thing I've… Read Article ▶

'Teen Wolf' Star Tyler Posey Compares Scott & Stiles To Beavis & Butt-Head! Watch!

6 years ago 0
Plus, watch our video interview with Tyler for his thoughts on the upcoming 'Teen Wolf' season finale! It's no secret I'm a big fan of Scott and… Read Article ▶

'Teen Wolf' Recap: Scott Gets Shot & Allison Finally Makes Some Furry Friends!

6 years ago 10
It was a night of revelations, confrontations, and -- thanks to Stiles -- awkward teen moments aplenty! The Alpha Wolf proved his bark is just as… Read Article ▶

'Teen Wolf' Recap: The Alpha Is Finally Revealed! Did You Guess Him Right?

6 years ago 7
There are only three episodes left this season! Let's hope they're all as good as tonight's... If you missed the July 25 episode of MTV's Teen Wolf… Read Article ▶

'Teen Wolf' Recap: Allison Discovers Her Family's Past & The Alpha Attacks Derek!

6 years ago 9
Do you think Derek will survive the Alpha's attack? There'll be a whole lot less lurking in Beacon Hills if he doesn't! The July 4 episode of MTV's… Read Article ▶

'Teen Wolf' Recap: Scott & Allison's First Dinner Date — Awkward Tension, Anyone?

6 years ago 5
It was an evening of discoveries, gunshots & lots of tweaking out. (Thanks again, Stiles.) Scott (Tyler Posey) had his first dinner with Allison's… Read Article ▶

'Teen Wolf' Recap: Scott Discovers A Dangerous Enemy & Stiles Remains Awkward

6 years ago 1
Plus, Scott and Allison manage to have their first normal date... sort of. Apparently in the rules of werewolf dating, first base is making out… and… Read Article ▶

'Teen Wolf' Recap: Scott Loses Control & Nearly Eats Hits Friends… Twice.

6 years ago 8
Scott has enemies coming at him from all sides, but I'm thinking he might just be his own biggest threat. As expected, our boy Scott's (Tyler Posey)… Read Article ▶

'Teen Wolf' Scoop: Colton Haynes Says 'No One Is Safe' From Becoming A Werewolf!

6 years ago 2
Which human character on 'Teen Wolf' would YOU like to see bitten? Colton says it could happen to anyone! Being one of the only werewolves in town… Read Article ▶

Andy Says: Why 'Teen Wolf' Lovers Scott & Allison Are More Intense Than 'Twilight' Lame-os Bella & Edward

6 years ago 33
Sorry Twi-hards, but Scott & Allison's love games make Edward & Bella's 'saga' seem a bedtime story. "Love. Be afraid." That's the tagline for MTV's… Read Article ▶

'Teen Wolf' Stars Tyler Posey & Tyler Hoechlin Were Almost Jacob & Emmett In The 'Twilight' Saga!

6 years ago 1
The stars tell us about their near-Twilight experiences & why their werewolves would totally win in a fight. As the new wolf on the block, Teen Wolf… Read Article ▶
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