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Pretty Little Liars Alison Love Story

‘Pretty Little Liars’: Sasha Pieterse Teases Alison’s Life-Changing Love Story

1 month ago 0
Alison DiLaurentis has gone through major changes when we see her again in season 6B of 'Pretty Little Liars.' talked EXCLUSIVELY… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of ABC Family
pretty little liars beauty

Battle Of The Beauties: Which ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Had The Best Fall Beauty?

1 month ago 2
The stars of 'Pretty Little Liars' headed to a Q&A in NYC and they all looked stunning, as always, They all had different beauty looks and we can't… Read Article ▶
pretty little liars nycc outfits

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Cast: Best Dressed At New York Comic-Con 2015

2 months ago 3
The 'Pretty Little Liars' gals arrived at New York Comic-Con 2015 in style. They all coordinated their outfits except for Sasha who donned a red hot… Read Article ▶
PLL A Reveal Reaction

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Big A Reveal Was Totally Disappointing & Frustrating — Here’s Why

4 months ago 27
So, it happened...  after 6 seasons, 'PLL' finally revealed who their masked villain only known as 'A' is. But, as a longtime fan, I found the story… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of ABC Family

‘PLL’ Preview: Lorenzo & Ali Share A Kiss Over Chicken Soup — Watch

4 months ago 1
Well, who couldn't see this one coming? It seems that Lorenzo and Ali are going to be getting real comfy on the new episode of 'Pretty Little Liars.'… Read Article ▶
image courtesy of ABC Family
pll season 6 spoilers

‘Pretty Little Liars’: When To Expect The Time Jump & More ‘Answers’

6 months ago 0
We are so close to the season 6 premiere of 'Pretty Little Liars'-- which means we've got more questions than ever before. Luckily, though, we're… Read Article ▶
image courtesy of ABC Family/Getty

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 5 Finale: The Big ‘A’ Reveal Is ‘Sad’ & ‘Twisted’

8 months ago 103
Despite years of anticipation, fans of  'Pretty Little Liars' won't be prepared when 'A' is finally revealed. In fact, it will be incredibly… Read Article ▶
image courtesy of ABC Family
Sasha Pieterse Brown Hair

Sasha Pieterse: ‘PLL’ Star Dyes Hair Brown — See Her Hair Makeover

9 months ago 4
Has 'Pretty Little Liars' star Sasha Pieterse gone to the dark side? It looks like Sasha, who plays Queen Bee Alison DiLaurentis, has added even more… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Instagram

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Christmas Special: Meet Alison’s New Clique — Watch

1 year ago 4
'Pretty Little Liars' is finally returning with its Halloween special on Oct. 21, but we're already counting down the days 'til Christmas. Click to… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of ABC Family
Pretty Little Liars Fatal Finale

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Fatal Finale: Who Will Be Killed Off? — Watch

1 year ago 5
The Fatal Finale is almost here, and we all know that someone is going to die. Who will be killed off? And who is the killer? We might just have some… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of ABC Family

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Fatal Finale Preview: Is Alison ‘A’?

1 year ago 16
The 'Pretty Little Liars' Fatal Finale is only one day away. In a clip from the Aug. 26 episode, Alison finally comes face to face with Emily after… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of ABC Family
Pretty Little Liars Recap Ali Attacked

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Ali Is Attacked & Aria Goes Undercover

1 year ago 4
The Liars had their hands full on the July 15 episode of 'Pretty Little Liars.' Ali was brutally attacked and Aria headed undercover to find out… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of ABC Family
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