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True Blood Tara Death Bad

‘True Blood’: Why Killing Off [SPOILER] Was A Terrible Idea

3 years ago 15
I knew 'True Blood' wasn't going to hold back in its final season, but I just never expected the show to actually kill off a main character so… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of HBO
True Blood Episode 503

'True Blood' Recap: Vampire Tara Faces Her First Kill

5 years ago 4
Plus, Sookie faces off against Pam — before making a major confession. I don't want to say nothing happened on the June 24 episode of True Blood, but… Read Article ▶

'True Blood' Preview: Vampire Tara Attacks Sookie — WATCH

5 years ago 1
Watch a preview video from tonight's all-new episode of 'True Blood.' Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) thought they made the right… Read Article ▶
True Blood Tara vampire

'True Blood' Season 5: Is Tara's New Journey A Huge Mistake?

5 years ago 24
Spoiler alert: Stop reading if you haven't watched the fifth season premiere of 'True Blood.' I'd like to preface this rant by clarifying that I… Read Article ▶

'True Blood' Twist: Tara Returns In Season 5 — But How?

5 years ago 9
A ghost? A vampire? Alan Ball & Rutina Wesley give fans a clue about how we'll see Tara this season. We all know the fifth season of True Blood will… Read Article ▶

'True Blood' Season 5 Trailer: Russell Returns & Tara's Fate Is Revealed

5 years ago 8
New footage from the show's upcoming fifth season gives major clues to our most burning questions — and, as always, leaves new questions to be… Read Article ▶

'True Blood' Season 5 First Look: Is Tara Alive?

5 years ago 0
A new batch of posters for the upcoming fifth season of 'True Blood' include Sookie's presumed-dead BFF! True Blood has always been great at two… Read Article ▶

'True Blood' Season Finale Recap: Sookie Chooses (Wrongly) Between Eric & Bill And Half Of Bon Temps Gets Killed!

6 years ago 29
Warning: Don't read if you haven't watched the season finale of 'True Blood.' Things are about to get... spoiler-y. Five deaths, two disappointed… Read Article ▶

'True Blood' Recap: Eric & Bill Offer Their Lives To Save Sookie From Marnie (So Not Worth It.)

6 years ago 4
Plus, 'old' Eric rears his ugly head! Do you wish he was still cute & cuddly, or are you glad he has his memory back? Ding-dong, the witch is dead… Read Article ▶

'True Blood' Recap: Sookie, Eric & Bill Have A Threesome. That Is All.

6 years ago 7
Talk about a compromise! What did you think of tonight's epic ménage à Temps? After three long seasons of Bill-or-Eric drama, Sookie (Anna… Read Article ▶

'True Blood' Recap: Eric & Sookie Discover The Joy Of Mixing Sex & Drugs. How Sweet.

6 years ago 3
The beautiful couple learns that 'all is possible' when they find yet another venue for the old bump & grind. I've been patiently waiting for True… Read Article ▶

'True Blood' Recap: Alcide Watches Sookie & Eric Have Sex! (Awkward.)

6 years ago 11
Plus, the witches drive the vampires to mass-suicide. (Don't do it, friends! Sookeh needs you!) The love square that is Sookie Stackhouse's life got… Read Article ▶

'True Blood' Recap: Sookie & Eric Have Sex In The Woods! Best. Scene. Ever.

6 years ago 29
Eric & Sookie finally consummated their timeless romance, while Bill drowned his sorrows in a glass of wine. Did I mention he was alone? I've been… Read Article ▶

'True Blood' Recap: Sookie & Eric Finally Kiss! Was It Everything You Hoped It Would Be?

6 years ago 64
Took them long enough! Somewhere Bill Compton is weeping big red tears. The moment we've been waiting for all season -- well, really for the past… Read Article ▶

‘True Blood’ Recap: Sookie Rejects Eric (Again) And The Witches Launch Their First Attack

6 years ago 4
Another outstanding episode! Does anyone else think this season might be the best one yet? Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard)… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of HBO
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