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Robert Kennedy Kyra Daughter

Robert Kennedy Sent Daughter Kyra To Live With Cheryl Hines After Mother’s Suicide

2 years ago 15
How insensitive! While Kyra, 16, was depressed and mourning the suicide of her mother, her dad made her live with the girlfriend whom her mother… Read Article ▶
RFK Jr Cheryl Hines

Robert Kennedy Jr.'s Girlfriend Makes First Public Appearance Since Suicide of Mary Kennedy

2 years ago 25
Robert F Kennedy Jr.'s, girlfriend was all smiles as she attended the 'Variety' first annual Primetime Emmy's Studio on May 31, after laying low… Read Article ▶
Mary Kennedy memorial service

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Not Invited To Mary Kennedy NYC Memorial

2 years ago 5
Mary's family will be hosting a memorial service in NYC on May 21 at The Standard Hotel but her estranged husband didn't get an invite -- so instead… Read Article ▶
Mary Kennedy Suicide

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Says Mary Kennedy's Suicide Was Not His Fault

2 years ago 26
RFK Jr. doesn't blame himself for his wife's tragic suicide, he told a friend at Mary's May 19 funeral. Though Mary Kennedy gave warning signs, like… Read Article ▶
Mary Kennedy Wake

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Wins Rights To Mary Kennedy's Body Before Wake

2 years ago 18
Mary almost missed the wake because of two families feuding over the bodies -- find out what happened. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has claimed the body of… Read Article ▶
Mary Kennedy suicide

Mary Kennedy's Life May Have Been Saved If Her Suicide Threats Were Taken Very Seriously

2 years ago 2
Apparently Mary Kennedy had threatened more than once that she would take her own life before her actual suicide. Now experts tell… Read Article ▶
Mary Kennedy Suicide

Did Mary Kennedy Want Robert F. Kennedy Jr. To Be The One Who Found Her?

2 years ago 3
Mary may have hanged herself to make a statement that her death was no accident, a relationship expert and family therapist tells… Read Article ▶
Mary Kennedy Wake

How Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Told His Kids About Mary Kennedy Suicide

2 years ago 3
Find out how Robert revealed the horrific news -- such a tragic story. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. had the sad task of telling his children that their… Read Article ▶
Mary Kennedy Dead

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Says Mary Kennedy Was In 'Agony'

2 years ago 0
In a new interview, RFK Jr. reveals that his estranged wife Mary battled depression for much of her life, leading up to her May 16 suicide. An… Read Article ▶
Robert Kennedy Jr Cheryl Hines

Robert Kennedy's Superstar Girlfriend 'Devastated' Over Mary Kennedy Suicide

2 years ago 72
An insider tells actress Cheryl Hines feels terribly for the Kennedy family after they loss Mary yesterday Robert F. Kennedy Jr… Read Article ▶
Mary Kennedy Funeral

Mary Kennedy Funeral: To Be Buried Near Family Compound

2 years ago 2 has just learned exclusively that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will be holding a funeral for his wife on May 19 and will be burying her at… Read Article ▶
Mary Kennedy Suicide Death

Mary Kennedy's Kids Will Likely Suffer From Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder — Experts

2 years ago 5
When Mary Richardson Kennedy died, she left behind her four children with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. What is going through their young minds? How will… Read Article ▶
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