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Renee Graziano

Renee Graziano: I Forgive My Ex-Husband For Betraying My Father

4 years ago 27
Renee had to watch her ex-husband and father get arrested on the March 25 episode of 'Mob Wives' and now she's says this is all a part of God's plan… Read Article ▶

'Mob Wives' Recap: Renee Graziano's Husband & Father Are Arrested

4 years ago 31
This week's 'Mob Wives' was painful for viewers to watch, as Renee was forced to say goodbye to her husband & father. Renee Graziano is having a… Read Article ▶
Mob Wives

'Mob Wives' Recap: Will Carla Facciolo Go To Drita D'avanzo Or Ramona Rizzo's Halloween Party?

4 years ago 8
Carla is crossing over enemy lines. She doesn't want to upset her best friend Drita, but she's tired of fighting with Karen Gravano and Ramona. What… Read Article ▶
Mob Wives Star Renee Graziano

'Mob Wives' Preview: Renee Graziano Cusses Out Her Ex-Husband

4 years ago 4
Renee's apology to Junior turns into an aggressive, verbal assault. Watch. Renee Graziano's ex-husband Junior Pagan got extremely upset with Renee… Read Article ▶
Mob Wives

'Mob Wives' Star Ramona Rizzo: I Made Up With Carla Facciolo For Renee Graziano

4 years ago 6
Ramona tells how she and Carla were able to put their differences aside. Ramona Rizzo reveals to the real reason… Read Article ▶
Mob Wives

'Mob Wives' Recap: Ramona Rizzo Confronts Her Enemy Carla Facciolo

4 years ago 3
Karen Gravano is still at war with Drita D'avanzo -- but Drita's ally Carla is starting to cross over enemy lines. Will Carla be able to come to an… Read Article ▶
Mob Wives Renee Graziano, Ramona Rizzo And Karen Gravano

'Mob Wives' Preview: Renee Graziano Feels Disloyal To Karen Gravano & Ramona Rizzo

4 years ago 2
Watch Renee and Ramona get into a screaming match that leaves Renee crying and questioning her own loyalty. Are the Mob Wives teams about to be… Read Article ▶
Mob Wives

'Mob Wives' Recap: Renee Graziano Tries To Mediate Karen Gravano & Drita D'avanzo's War

4 years ago 3
Will Renee convince Karen and Drita to be friends again or will the 'Mob Wives' war rage on? Karen Gravano and Drita D'avanzo are still at war. But… Read Article ▶
Ramona Rizzo & Drita D'avanzo

'Mob Wives' Preview: Ramona Rizzo Calls Drita D'avanzo A 'Flip Flopping Floozy'

4 years ago 1
Ramona is fired up about Drita D'avanzo reportedly talking smack about her friend Karen Gravano all over Staten Island. Ramona threatens Drita: 'I'm… Read Article ▶
Mob Wives

'Mob Wives' Recap: Karen Gravano Confronts Her Enemy Carla Facciolo

4 years ago 7
Karen is fuming that Carla keeps defending Drita D'avanzo and keeps talking smack about her best friend Ramona Rizzo. Will Karen and Carla settle… Read Article ▶
Renee Graziano

'Mob Wives' Star Renee Graziano: My Son Was Nervous About Me Reconnecting With Junior

4 years ago 14
Renee reveals to exclusively how her 17-year-old son AJ advised her on how to approach rekindling her romance with his dad Junior… Read Article ▶
Mob Wives

'Mob Wives' Recap: Renee Graziano Confronts Her Enemy Carla Facciolo

4 years ago 0
Carla never visited Renee in the hospital after she almost died during her massive, body makeover surgery. Since then, they have been at war. Will… Read Article ▶
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