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10 murder trial Articles

Caitlyn Jenner: I Believe O.J. Got Away With Two Savage Murders

1 month ago 5
 Caitlyn Jenner confesses in her shocking new memoir that she thought O.J. Simpson was guilty of wife Nicole Brown's murder. And she thinks she… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony Goes Back To Jail! She's Sentenced To Four Years For Lying To The Police!

6 years ago 0
The 25-year-old may be free within days or weeks, once the Judge has decided what credit to give her for 'time served'. Judge Belvin Perry handed… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony Is Found NOT GUILTY Of Murdering Her Two-Year-Old Daughter Caylee!

6 years ago 27
The 25-year-old broke down in tears as the shocking verdict was read out in court. Casey Anthony was found not guilty of first degree murder… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony's Dad Weeps On The Stand As He Talks About His Suicide Attempt & Fears That Casey Is Guilty!

6 years ago 7
George Anthony told the court he suspected Casey was GUILTY when he discovered the smell of 'human decomposition' in her car, after Caylee had gone… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony Could Have Been Behind Bars When Caylee's Body Was Dumped In The Woods!

6 years ago 3
A leading botanist has testified that leaf litter found with Caylee Anthony's remains indicate her body could have been placed there just two weeks… Read Article ▶

Why Casey Anthony Will NEVER Be Executed — Even If She Is Found Guilty And Sentenced To Death!

6 years ago 11
Death row in Florida is so full and the execution process so expensive that Casey will die of natural causes before she reaches the front of the… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony Paternity Riddle: 'Who Is Caylee's Father?'

6 years ago 6
Casey confided in a friend that she got pregnant after a one night stand, but still made her father, brother and ex-fiance take paternity tests to… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony Claims She Was Molested By Her Brother AND Her Father!

6 years ago 37
Casey's brother Lee even took a DNA test to find out if he was the father of her murdered two-year-old daughter Caylee -- and the result came back… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony Shakes And Sobs As Court Hears Grisly Details About Caylee's Remains

6 years ago 11
Her murder jury was told how two-year-old Caylee's bones had been ravaged by wild animals, after her body was dumped in woodland near the family's… Read Article ▶

Lee Anthony Recalls His Sister Casey's Many Excuses After Caylee's Disappearance

6 years ago 0
The testimony of Casey Anthony's brother Lee in the murder of Caylee harms Casey's defense! Lee Anthony, Casey's older brother, took the stand today… Read Article ▶