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15 Max Sheen Articles

Brooke Mueller Back In Rehab — Charlie Sheen Wants Custody Of Twins. Good Idea?

6 years ago 3
After being caught purchasing crack cocaine, Brooke is back in rehab and Charlie is going to court. Sources close to situation tell that… Read Article ▶

Charlie Sheen And Brooke Mueller's Custody Agreement Revealed!

6 years ago 2
As part of the deal, both Charlie and Brooke will have to submit to random drug tests three times a month. Thank God! After weeks of waiting, TMZ… Read Article ▶

Charlie Sheen Can't See His Twin Boys Until He Has A Psych Exam — Good Idea!

6 years ago 0
Wow, the former Two and a Half Men star hasn't seen his sons since he handed them over to Brooke Mueller almost a month ago. Although the… Read Article ▶

Charlie Sheen Misses Birthday Parties For All 3 Of His Little Kids – What A Dad!

6 years ago 0
Denise Richards threw 7-year-old daughter Sam a party, while Brooke Mueller had a bash for her 2-year-old twins Bob and Max. Guess which one Charlie… Read Article ▶

Happy Birthday, Bob & Max Sheen! You Guys Are 2 Today, March 14!

6 years ago 0
Bob and Max have been through a lot these past couple of weeks, but hopefully Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller will make today all about them! Happy… Read Article ▶

Charlie Sheen Isn't Having Any More Kids — Thank God!

6 years ago 4
At least no new children will have to be around his insanity! Although he's made a slew of questionable public statements in recent weeks, Charlie… Read Article ▶

Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller Custody Deal! Good For The Kids?

6 years ago 1
No court! Brooke is expected to drop the restraining order against Charlie, allowing him visitation with Bob and Max. Is that good or bad? This… Read Article ▶

Charlie Sheen's 2-Yr-Old Says 'Kiss My A**' In A New Video! Charlie Thinks It's Funny

6 years ago 0
The authorities were right to take those babies away from crackpot Charlie. Because you know who's not "winning?" Those poor little boys! A… Read Article ▶

Charlie Sheen Needs A 'Parenting Shadow!' Ouch.

6 years ago 0
Charlie, Brooke and their lawyers tried to come to a custody agreement this weekend with no luck. Now they're heading to court to settle the… Read Article ▶

UPDATE: Charlie Opened His Big Mouth, And Now The Custody Deal Is Off!

6 years ago 2
Charlie tweets that he "verbally reached a deal" with Brooke Mueller, so they will not be going to court... WHAT?! UPDATE: Because Charlie tweeted… Read Article ▶

Update: Brooke Mueller Gets Restraining Order Against Charlie Sheen

6 years ago 0
Charlie Sheen's ex files a restraining order and attempts to get custody from the actor Update: TMZ is reporting Brooke Mueller filed for a… Read Article ▶

Charlie Sheen's Kids Spent A Sad Christmas Alone — Without Mom Or Dad!

6 years ago 1
This is just so sad. Charlie Sheen's twin boys spent Christmas alone while their parents dealt with their own personal demons -- for the second year… Read Article ▶

Experts Warn That Charlie Sheen Is Psychologically Damaging His Two Daughters With His Out-Of-Control And Dangerous Behavior!

7 years ago 27
What is wrong with Charlie Sheen? We can't understand why the father of five trashed a hotel room last night in a drunken rampage while his ex-wife… Read Article ▶

Brooke Mueller Is Out Of Rehab! A 'Team Of Experts' Is Monitoring Her At Home

7 years ago 0
[caption id="attachment_69965" align="alignnone" width="544" caption="Getty Images"][/caption] She's back at home, living with twins Bob… Read Article ▶

Charlie Sheen's Twins Take a Stroll After Their Dad's Arrest

7 years ago 0
Thank goodness someone is spending time with the kids. Even though there was drama between Charlie Sheen, 44, and wife Brooke Mueller, 32, over the… Read Article ▶