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Salma Hayek's Billionaire Husband Opens Up About His Love Child With Linda Evangelista — He Insists He's A Good Dad!

4 years ago 19
In an explosive new interview, Francois-Henri Pinault denies he turned his back on four-year-old Augustin, the result of a secret fling with French… Read Article ▶

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mistress Mildred Baena & Love Child Go Back To School Shopping!

4 years ago 5
Once again, it's not hard to see the resemblance between Arnold and his 13-year-old son, Joseph. Arnold Schwarzenegger's former housekeeper and baby… Read Article ▶

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mistress & Love Child Grab Pizza At CPK! Watch Out Maria, She's Back!

5 years ago 0
Now that his identity is known, Arnold and mistress Mildred "Patty" Baena's son Joseph is not afraid to step out in public...or bring his mom with… Read Article ▶

Arnold's Mistress Mildred Confesses More: 'I Loved Arnold, But I Didn't Tell Him He Was My Child's Father!'

5 years ago 9
Mildred 'Patty' Baena admits that she did fall for Arnold, but gave up her love because she cared too much about his family. Then why did she sleep… Read Article ▶

Should Arnold's Mistress Have Sold Her Story?

5 years ago 2
Her love child scandal with Arnold Schwarzenegger has devastated a family and sent shock waves around the world). Now, just as things were beginning… Read Article ▶

Patrick Schwarzenegger Admits He's On Mom Maria Shriver's Side, But He Still Loves His Dad!

5 years ago 4
Patrick, who went to visit his mom at a Beverly Hills Hotel last night (May 24), says of dad Arnold: 'I love him.' Would you stand by your dad if he… Read Article ▶

Arnold Schwarzenegger Paid Mistress $10,000 A Month In Child Support & Took 2nd Family On Trips to Disneyland!

5 years ago 3
The cheating superstar even attended his love child's Christening... WITH MARIA! Can you believe it? As more details of Arnold Schwarzenegger's… Read Article ▶

Arnold Schwarzenegger Took A Secret DNA Test Years Ago To Prove Love Child's Paternity!

5 years ago 2
When her son was a toddler, Mildred 'Patty' Baena pressured Arnold to take a paternity test, even though he knew he was the father! Arnold… Read Article ▶

Schwarzenegger Kids Choose Team Maria!

5 years ago 7
Arnold Schwarzenegger's four kids with Maria Shriver are rallying around their 'devastated' mom, according to sources close to the family. As she… Read Article ▶, Getty Images (2)

Mildred Baena: I'm More Arnold Schwarzenegger's Wife Than Maria Shriver!

5 years ago 9
A new report claims when Maria would leave her home in the morning, Mildred would crawl into her bed and make love to Arnold! This is just… Read Article ▶

Mother Of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Love Child Mildred Baena Split From Hubby Right After Son's Birth!

5 years ago 1
Could Mildred and Arnold's love child be the reason that Mildred's marriage ended? Just three weeks after reportedly giving birth to Arnold… Read Article ▶

Maria Shriver & Mildred Baena Gave Birth To Arnold's Babies Just FIVE DAYS APART!

5 years ago 0
Somehow Arnold hid mistress Mildred's pregnancy and the birth of his love child from his wife Maria -- even though they were in the maternity ward… Read Article ▶
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