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Bonnie Says: Sarah Palin Can't Be President In This Fractured Time When She Can't Even Make Peace With Her In-Laws Who Call Her “Retarded”!

6 years ago 10
Sarah Palin may think she has what it takes to be President, but shouldn't she prove she has what it takes by at least negotiating peace in her war… Read Article ▶

Sarah Palin’s New Family Drama — Reports Of Cocaine, Theft & Nude Photos!

6 years ago 47
Levi Johnston's sister Mercede sat down with Playboy and revealed some scandalous new claims about drug usage in the Palin family and why Sarah could… Read Article ▶

Sarah Palin Is A Bad Mom Who Uses Her Kids, Levi Johnston's Sister Claims!

6 years ago 4
Mercede strips in Playboy magazine and unleashes a stinging attack on the entire Palin clan! Levi Johnston's sister accuses Sarah Palin of… Read Article ▶

Bristol Palin Got Pregnant On Purpose, Levi Johnston's Sister Claims!

6 years ago 2
Mercedes claims Bristol & Levi were 'trying to conceive for months!' Do you believe her? Just when we thought we'd heard it all, Levi Johnston's… Read Article ▶
Guess Who This Cutie Patootie Belongs To!

Guess Who This Cutie Patootie Belongs To!

6 years ago 2
This adorable boy has two parents that have been in the news a lot recently. We can't believe how big he's gotten! Any guesses? Look at those… Read Article ▶

Did Levi Johnston Rape Bristol Palin? Dr. Drew Investigates!

6 years ago 1
In a one-on-one exclusive interview airing tonight, Dr. Drew delves deep into the Palins' personal lives, claiming Levi used an 'intoxicated' Bristol… Read Article ▶

Who's Worse — Bristol Palin or Kate Gosselin? They Both Bash The Fathers of Their Children!

6 years ago 9
Both women are attempting to make themselves look good by slamming the men they once loved. So, what effect will it have on their kids? Experts weigh… Read Article ▶

Bristol Palin Accuses Levi Johnston Of Stealing Her Virginity; Insists She Hates The Word 'Abstinence' & Disses John McCain!

6 years ago 10
Sarah Palin's daughter let it rip in a new interview to promote her book 'Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far' -- and no-one escaped her fiery… Read Article ▶

Bristol Palin's Honesty About Losing Her Virginity Is So Refreshing!

6 years ago 6
It makes her seem like such a well-rounded girl compared to cold, calculated mom Sarah -- we hope she brings the same realness to her reality… Read Article ▶

Bristol Palin Claims Levi Johnston Boozed Her Up Before Taking Her Virginity On Camping Trip!

6 years ago 15
Bristol's new book is about to hit stores, and she has no nice words about 'gnat' Levi! Bristol Palin has copped up to many mistakes in her life -… Read Article ▶

Sarah Palin's Daughter Caught Speeding In The Family Car!

6 years ago 1
Willow was pulled over by the cops in Alaska -- and slapped with a big fine! Looks like there's a price to pay for life in the fast lane! Willow… Read Article ▶

Levi Johnston Takes Aim At Sarah Palin With His Shocking New Book Cover!

6 years ago 9
If the cover of his new memoir is any indication, Levi won't be pulling any punches! Levi Johnston shocked the world when he announced he'd be… Read Article ▶

Palin Family Slams Levi Johnston as 'Absentee Dad' — Only a 'Handful' of Visits with Son Tripp

6 years ago 170
Bristol Palin's baby daddy has only seen their two-year-old son Tripp 'a handful of times' in the past year, according to sources close to Alaska's… Read Article ▶

Bristol Palin Snubs Baby Tripp: 'I Wish I Waited' — WHOA!

6 years ago 11
Bristol confesses that teen motherhood is not ideal and that she wishes she could go back and rethink her decision. Did she just diss her… Read Article ▶

Levi Johnston Is Writing A Tell-All Book About Dealing With Sarah Palin — This Is WAR!

6 years ago 1
[caption id="attachment_96425" align="alignnone" width="544" caption="Getty Images (2)"][/caption] Things are about to get interesting... Levi… Read Article ▶
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