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Mob Wives Drita D'avanzo

'Mob Wives' Star Drita D'avanzo Reveals: I'm Not Divorced Yet

5 years ago 0
In a new video, Drita confesses she 'still has issues' with the divorce. Will she go through with it? At the end of season one of Mob Wives, star… Read Article ▶

'Mob Wives' Reunion Recap: Drita D'avanzo & Karen Gravano Face Each Other After Bloody Battle!

6 years ago 7
Karen & Drita are still at each other's necks -- they discuss their massive blowout and how they regret everything that went down! Wendy Williams… Read Article ▶

'Mob Wives' Star Drita D'avanzo: I'm Definitely Going Through With The Divorce!

6 years ago 24
Drita tells exclusively why she's splitting from her cheating husband: 'I could never lay with a man that I know was with someone… Read Article ▶

'Mob Wives' War! Karen Gravano: 'I've Got Soldiers & Cannons Pointing Right At' Drita D'avanzo!

6 years ago 60
Team Drita V. Team Karen: the 'Mob Wives' explain their sides of their explosive battle to exclusively! Who do you believe? Mob… Read Article ▶

'Mob Wives' Recap: Drita D'avanzo & Karen Gravano At War Again Over Drita's Hubby!

6 years ago 34
Karen may be including stories about Drita's hubby in a book she's writing, even after Drita warned her not too! Mob Wives star Drita D'avanzo… Read Article ▶

'Mob Wives' Drita D'avanzo: I Don't Want My Kids To Take After Me!

6 years ago 1
Drita's trying to teach her girls that it's never OK to fight -- and she's guiding them away from the mafia mentality! Mob Wives star Drita D'avanzo… Read Article ▶

'Mob Wives' Drita D'avanzo: I Had No Clue My Husband Was A Bank Robber When I Married Him!

6 years ago 17
Lee D'avanzo told Drita that he had a past, but that he had changed. Drita believed him, but boy was she in for a shock! We've heard bits and pieces… Read Article ▶

'Mob Wives' Recap: Karen Gravano & Drita D'avanzo At War Over Drita's Hubby!

6 years ago 8
Karen feels betrayed that Drita married her ex-boyfriend Lee. Drita doesn't see the issue besides the fact that Karen can't keep her mouth shut… Read Article ▶

'Mob Wives' Drita D'avanzo & Karen Gravano Battle Over Drita's Husband! Did Drita Betray Karen?

6 years ago 29
Karen dated Lee for 7 years -- but then he married Drita! Now, the women have to figure out how to resolve their issues as 'Mob Wives'… Read Article ▶

'Mob Wives' Preview: Renee Graziano To Drita D'avanzo — 'Wanna Play Mafia Wars? I Win!'

6 years ago 6
Renee V. Drita -- the war is on! Who do you think is the boss out of these two women? Uh oh! Are the guns about to be drawn on the May 8 episode of… Read Article ▶

'Mob Wives' Drita D'avanzo: Should I Dump My Hubby Who's Doing Time? Exclusive!

6 years ago 11
Drita's co-star Renee Graziano thinks a woman should stay by her man's side no matter if he's in jail or not -- 'Don't kick a man while he is down!'… Read Article ▶

Drita D'avanzo Says 'Mob Wives' Helps Her Nine-Year-Old Make Friends At School!

6 years ago 2
Ignoring the issue of little kids watching 'Mob Wives,' it seems Drita's daughter is making friends because of the show. Mob Wives may not be… Read Article ▶

'Mob Wives' Drama Alert: Drita D'avanzo V. Karen Gravano — Tension Over Drita's Husband!

6 years ago 9
Karen and Drita have been friends since they were 19, but when Karen broke up with Lee and went into witness protection, Drita and Lee got involved… Read Article ▶

'Mob Wives' Star Drita D'avanzo Takes 9-Year-Old To See Daddy In Prison! Too Young?

6 years ago 31
Should Drita be bringing her little girl behind bars to see her mobster father? Mob Wives star Drita D'avanzo wants her oldest daughter Aleeya, 9… Read Article ▶