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The Walking Dead Aaron Arrives

‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: A ‘Friend’ Takes The Hopeless Group By Surprise

8 months ago 5
All hope is lost as the survivors on 'The Walking Dead' are forced to fight for the will to go on after everything they've lost. But when a… Read Article ▶
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The Walking Dead Finale

‘The Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Finale: [SPOILER] Should Have Lived

10 months ago 8
Another one bit the dust on 'The Walking Dead's mid-season 5 finale, but why? Here's why I think [SPOILER] should have lived -- and why. On the… Read Article ▶
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The Walking Dead Eugene Cure

‘The Walking Dead’: Eugene Finally Reveals The Truth Behind The ‘Cure’

11 months ago 4
Are you ready to find out how Abraham and Eugene met on 'The Walking Dead'? Prepare yourselves, because you're also going to learn that someone has… Read Article ▶
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The Walking Dead Eugene Explains Cure

‘The Walking Dead’: Glenn & Maggie Interrogate Eugene About The Cure

11 months ago 0
Now that these 'The Walking Dead' characters are on the road together, Maggie and Glenn have gotten awfully curious about the 'cure' Eugene claims to… Read Article ▶
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The Walking Dead Rick Washington

‘The Walking Dead’: Why Rick Needs To Follow Abraham To D.C.

11 months ago 6
Spoiler alert! Why didn't Rick go to Washington, D.C. with Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita on 'The Walking Dead'? Here's why he should have, and why I… Read Article ▶
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The Walking Dead Rick Kills Gareth

‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Rick Keeps A Very Important Promise To Gareth

11 months ago 33
In what Andrew Lincoln described as one of the most 'brutal' episodes of 'The Walking Dead' ever, Rick keeps a very important promise he once made to… Read Article ▶
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The Walking Dead Gareth Returns

‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Gareth Returns To Hunt Down The Survivors

12 months ago 18
If you thought the terror of the Terminus cannibals was over and done with on 'The Walking Dead,' you were very wrong. On the Oct. 19 episode of The… Read Article ▶
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Terminus Questions

‘The Walking Dead’ Season Premiere: 5 Things We Learned About Terminus

12 months ago 5
For diehard fans, it was no secret that 'The Walking Dead's season 5 premiere would answer a LOT of questions. In case you missed them, here are the… Read Article ▶
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Rick Daryl Escape Terminus

‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Rick & Daryl Escape Being Eaten At Terminus

12 months ago 45
Are you ready for this? 'The Walking Dead' season 5 premiere is here, and it's more bloody, intense, and, yes, filled with some crazy cannibals. On… Read Article ▶
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Walking Dead Trailer

‘The Walking Dead’: Rick & Daryl Take On Cannibals In Intense New Trailer

1 year ago 4
Brace yourselves. A brand-new trailer for 'The Walking Dead' just premiered at Comic-Con, and as expected -- it's intense. Will Rick, Daryl, & the… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of YouTube
Walking Dead New Trailer

‘Walking Dead’ New Season 4 Trailers: Will Maggie Be Next To Go? — Watch

2 years ago 0
In the bleak universe of 'The Walking Dead' it's not will someone bite it (or get bitten) in the near future, it's when — and who. Unfortunately… Read Article ▶
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