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What To Do If An Ex Inadvertently Calls You Pathetic As Brad Pitt Did To Jennifer Aniston

5 years ago 4
Brad recently made a statement that sounded derogatory about his ex-wife. Here's how she should have handled the diss Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston… Read Article ▶

If A Guy Pulls Out Every Stop In The Book To Win You Back Like Joe Jonas Is Doing To Taylor Swift, Should You Ever Take Him Back If He Hurt You?

5 years ago 1
Joe Jonas is doing everything he can to make Taylor Swift his again -- but should she take him back? Joe Jonas regrets making the great mistake of… Read Article ▶

When You're A Newlywed, Is It Harmful To Start Your Married Life Working Together Like Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries?

5 years ago 0
Should you avoid mixing business and love? To the average eye, Kim Kardashian and new husband Kris Humphries look completely in love. But can any… Read Article ▶

Should You Be In Control Of Your Man Like Kristen Stewart & Selena Gomez Are?

5 years ago 11
Does this make guys like Robert Pattinson and Justin Bieber wonderful or just plain whipped? It's not uncommon to find that, in relationships, one… Read Article ▶

Should Dirty Dancing Be Done In Private Or Is It Sexy To Do So In Public Like Miley Cyrus Did For Liam Hemsworth?

5 years ago 6
Miley pulled some very naughty dance moves on her BF in plain view of others -- including her mom! Everyone knows that Miley Cyrus isn't afraid of… Read Article ▶

Are You Allowed To Have An Opinion On Your Ex's New GF Like Scarlett Johansson Does About Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock?

5 years ago 1
ScarJo reportedly has definitive thoughts about ex-husband Ryan moving on -- but does her opinion matter given that she gave up on her… Read Article ▶

Should You Put Your Career Ahead Of Your Relationship By Enduring Long Separations Like Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Do?

5 years ago 16
R-Patz and K-Stew sometimes let a whole month go by without seeing one another. Is it smart to focus on their careers over their relationship? Robert… Read Article ▶

How Long Should You Wait Before Moving On When You've Had Your Heart Broken Like Demi Lovato Did?

5 years ago 20
Demi split with Joe Jonas in May. Is it too soon to move on with Nick Simmons? Demi Lovato has been through a lot since her May breakup with longtime… Read Article ▶

Should A Guy Ask Your Dad For Your Hand In Marriage First Like Kris Humphries Did Before Proposing To Kim Kardashian?

5 years ago 3
Is asking for your hand a thing of the past or should your guy still be adhering to this time-honored tradition? Kris Humphries decided he wanted to… Read Article ▶

Is It OK To Bond With Your Exes Ex As Taylor Swift & Reese Witherspoon Have Done?

5 years ago 3
His worst nightmare come true! Taylor Swift and Reese Witherspoon have both had the pleasure (or not, depending on how they look at it) of dating… Read Article ▶

Should You Cut Your Honeymoon Short If You Have Work Obligations Like Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries?

5 years ago 1
Kim was a presenter at the VMAs: is that reason enough to end her fairytale honeymoon? When it comes to love, Kim Kardashian moves fast. She was… Read Article ▶

Should You Trust Your Man To Behave On A Boys Night Out Like Kristen Stewart Does Robert Pattinson?

5 years ago 17
Does your man deserve the benefit of the doubt on a night out? Kristen Stewart has been shooting Snow White and the Hunstman in England while her… Read Article ▶
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