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Overdue Mel B Is Sick Of Waiting For Her Baby To Arrive — She's Being Induced This Week!

5 years ago 3
The former Spice Girl was desperate to give birth naturally, and tried every old wives tale in the book -- EVEN SEX! But baby number three just… Read Article ▶

Orlando Bloom Begged Nurses For The Epidural His Wife Miranda Kerr TURNED DOWN!

5 years ago 4
[gallery] The actor found it so painful watching his supermodel spouse suffer through a drug free delivery, he asked for the medication she… Read Article ▶

Miranda Kerr: 'I Thought I Was Going To Die In Labor!' How Terrible!

5 years ago 1
Orlando Bloom's supermodel wife was in so much agony she had an out of body experience and genuinely feared she would die! Miranda Kerr chose NOT to… Read Article ▶

UPDATE: Pink Is Currently In Labor…Good Luck!!!

5 years ago 3
We've waited a long time, and now it looks like we only have a little bit longer to wait -- the word is, Pink is currently in labor with her first… Read Article ▶

Maya Rudolph Almost Ate Her Last Baby's Placenta! Yuck!

5 years ago 0
No wonder Maya Rudolph's nervous about giving birth -- her last labor was a total catastrophe. The Bridesmaids actress was forced to deliver at home… Read Article ▶

Kate Hudson's Hands-On Fiance Vows To Be At The Birth 'With Rubber Gloves On!'

5 years ago 0
Kate Hudson's due to give birth to the couple's first child this summer -- and her lovestruck fiance Matt Bellamy is determined to get as involved… Read Article ▶

Jessica Alba Will Give Birth Under Hypnosis! Would You?

5 years ago 7
The actress' husband Cash Warren will talk her into a trance as she goes into labor. Weird or cool? The process is called Hypnobirthing and it is… Read Article ▶

Tilda Swinton Slams Hollywood For Romanticizing ‘Murderous’ Childbirth

5 years ago 1
The actress insists movies make mothers feel like failures by portraying labor as glamorous and 'lovely'. On the contrary, mom-of-two Tilda Swinton… Read Article ▶

Miranda Kerr Made Orlando Bloom 'Pee In A Bottle' During Her Marathon Labor!

5 years ago 2
Miranda was in labor for 27 painful hours and she made sure Orlando never left her side for a second of it! It's hardly surprising that Miranda… Read Article ▶

Is Mariah Carey In Labor Today?

5 years ago 2
A source tells us that Mariah is scheduled to be induced today! Babies on the way? A source close to Mariah Carey tells that the… Read Article ▶

Nick Cannon 'Praying' The Twins Wait For Him Before They 'Pop Out!'

5 years ago 1
After Mariah's birth scare on Sunday, Nick's worried he won't be with his wife when the real labor moment arrives! Soon-to-be dad Nick Cannon was… Read Article ▶

A Chicago Woman Went Into Labor During The Blizzard—She Had To WALK All The Way To The Hospital!

5 years ago 1
Can you imagine struggling on foot through a snowstorm to give birth? One woman had to do just that after going into labor in stormy Chicago this… Read Article ▶
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