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Kylie Jenner Leaving Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Kylie Jenner Throwing Tantrums: Real Reasons She’s Threatening To Quit ‘KUWTK’

2 months ago 6
Kylie isn't a huge fan of the constant cameras in her life -- for many reasons. She's obviously going through a tough time with her dad's transition… Read Article ▶
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Kylie Jenner Wants Own Reality Show

Kylie Jenner Leaving ‘KUWTK’? She Wants Her Own Show

2 months ago 1
She may have gotten her start alongside her famous family on 'Keeping Up With  The Kardashians,' but Kylie is ready to branch out onto a show of her… Read Article ▶
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KUWTK Car Accident

‘KUWTK': Kim, Khloe & Kylie Jenner Get In Scary Crash With North West — Watch

2 months ago 18
So scary! In a new sneak peek of the May 31st episode of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians,' Khloe, Kylie, Kim and North get into car crash on the way… Read Article ▶
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‘KUWTK': Bruce Jenner Worried Kylie Jenner Will ‘Emotionally Go Away’

2 months ago 2
When the family goes on a family ski trip to Montana Bruce stays behind to meet with his therapist in Malibu. He tells her that Kylie is becoming… Read Article ▶
KUWTK Khloe Kardashians Calls Kylie Jenner Bitch

‘KUWTK': Khloe Freaks Over Kylie On Vacation: ‘This Bitch Is Crazy’ — Watch

2 months ago 2
The Kardashians are turning up the drama on vacation! In a new preview of the May 24 episode of 'KUWTK,' Khloe is shocked by Kylie's fearlessness on… Read Article ▶
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KUWTK Kourtney Kardashian Scott Disick Attitude

‘KUWTK': Kourtney Calls Out Shocking Change In Scott’s Attitude — Watch

2 months ago 1
Things are looking up for Kourtney and Scott! After months of drama, Scott is finally perking up his attitude in this latest 'KUWTK' clip, and… Read Article ▶
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‘KUWTK’ Preview: Kendall Jenner Gets Mad Her Boobs Are Growing

2 months ago 10
Talk about champagne problems. On the upcoming episode of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians,' Kendall Jenner has some breast-related complaints-- and… Read Article ▶
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Kim Kardashian Pregnant? The Extreme Measures She’s Taking To Try & Conceive

2 months ago 10
Getting pregnant isn't so easy for every woman. Unfortunately, Kim is one of those women who is struggling to conceive right now.… Read Article ▶

‘KUWTK': Kim & Khloe Kardashian Fight Over Who’s More Famous — Watch

2 months ago 4
Uh, drama! In a sneak peek for the new episode of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians,' we see Kim and Khloe go head to head about their fame-- and both… Read Article ▶
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Rob Kardashian Not On Bruce Jenner Specials

Rob Kardashian: Why He Didn’t Appear On ‘KUWTK’ Bruce Jenner Specials

2 months ago 13
The recent 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' specials focused on Bruce Jenner's transition and how he told his family about it, but one person was… Read Article ▶
kuwtk bruce jenner reveals

‘KUWTK': Bruce Jenner Reveals ‘She’ Is ‘More Fun, At Ease’

3 months ago 2
The 'KUWTK: About Bruce' special was full of revelations about Bruce Jenner and his transition. Bruce even revealed more about the woman he's… Read Article ▶
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Kendall Jenner Shows Bruce Support After ‘KUWTK’ Special: I’ll ‘Always’ Love Him

3 months ago 1
So sweet! Bruce Jenner's transition will be a huge change for his family, but one thing will always remain the same -- Bruce's kids will 'always'… Read Article ▶
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