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Kate Gosselin TV Show

Kate Gosselin Wants To Host Her Own Fitness TV Show

5 years ago 18
The mom-of-eight has been working nonstop to get back on TV and she might have finally found a way in -- would you take fitness advice from… Read Article ▶
Kate Gosselin Boyfriend

Kate Gosselin Gets New Boyfriend, But Won't Introduce Him To Her Kids Yet

5 years ago 17
Kate has found a new man, can tell you that Kate is indeed dating one guy in particular, but she doesn't want you to know about… Read Article ▶

Kate Gosselin Is Jealous Of Ex-Husband Jon Gosselin's Girlfriend Ellen Ross

5 years ago 11
The kids all adore Jon's new girlfriend, and it's driving Kate crazy! Kate Gosselin says she's over Jon Gosselin, but she's mad with jealousy — her… Read Article ▶
Kate Gosselin Kardashians

Kate Gosselin Has A Secret Kardashian Obsession

5 years ago 10
A source close to the mom-of-eight says Kate's DVR is filled with episodes of Kim's reality shows but she won't let her kids watch it with her! Kate… Read Article ▶
Kate Gosselin Christmas

Kate Gosselin Limits Her Kids To One Christmas Gift Each

5 years ago 22
With Kate recently canned from her long-time TV gig and the bad economy, the mom-of-eight is asking her children to focus less on the gifts this… Read Article ▶
Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin Takes Her Twins Holiday Shopping On A Budget

5 years ago 4
Now that Kate is unemployed she is doing her best to bargain shop. The new blogger says she saved $58! Kate Gosselin might be… Read Article ▶
Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin Gets Kids For Thanksgiving

5 years ago 24
Jon and Kate have been splitting holidays, but this year Kate gets the kids on Turkey Day -- is that unfair to Jon? Kate Gosselin will be cooking a… Read Article ▶
Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin Finally Lets Jon Gosselin Babysit While She Heads To Australia!

5 years ago 48
Kate left her kids and new job behind to celebrate Steve Irwin day in Australia and a source tells that Kate let the kids stay with… Read Article ▶

Kate Gosselin Is 'Miserable' Without TV Gig!

5 years ago 38
Kate was all smiles on the first day of her new coupon job Nov. 10 but a source close to the star tells us she's 'faking' her happiness. Kate… Read Article ▶

Kate Gosselin's Son Caught Playing Under Her Car! So Dangerous!

5 years ago 17
He could have been killed, but Kate says it's not an issue — she knew he was there! Kate Gosselin picked up her eight kids from school Oct. 3, but… Read Article ▶

Kate Gosselin Has A New Job!

5 years ago 15
Kate's going to be blogging! But you'll NEVER guess what she's writing about! Kate Gosselin won't have to return to nursing after all, but her new… Read Article ▶
Kate Gosselin Zombie

Kate Gosselin Wears Dead Babies In Her Hair On 'The View'!

5 years ago 27
Kate dressed up as a zombie for the Halloween special and revealed that there's no way she'll ever go back to nursing! Kate Gosselin is still… Read Article ▶
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