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Tiger Woods' Mistresses Making Porn Film About Their Affairs

5 years ago 7
Tiger's adulterous past will always haunt him -- but now it'll be haunting him on DVD! You know what they say about cheating on your wife with a… Read Article ▶

Joslyn James On Her New Nail Polish Line: 'There's A Lot About Me That People Don't Know'

5 years ago 0
Joslyn was shot into the spotlight when her affair with Tiger Woods became public, but now she's getting press for quite a different reason. With… Read Article ▶

Tiger Woods' Mistress Joslyn James Coming Out With 'Shameless' Nail Polishes

5 years ago 2
Joslyn, also known as the eleventh mistress to come forward during the 2009 Tiger Woods cheating scandal, created the line called Shameless with sexy… Read Article ▶

EXCLUSIVE! Tiger’s Mistress Joslyn James Says: I’m Team Elin Nordegren! She Deserves $100 Million & More!

7 years ago 8
Joslyn James thinks Elin Nordegren should get everything she asks for in the wake of her ex-husband's cheating scandal – but nothing can replace… Read Article ▶

Elin — Tiger's Porn-Star Mistress Joslyn Wants to Be Your BFF … For Real!

7 years ago 2
Can you imagine having to talk to Joslyn James face-to-face about her affair with your husband, Elin? If Joslyn had her way, she'd tell you all about… Read Article ▶

Tiger's Mistress Joslyn James Is Coming Out Swinging Today!

7 years ago 6
[caption id="attachment_95062" align="alignnone" width="544" caption="Naughty America, Getty Images"][/caption] The porn star is holding a press… Read Article ▶

E-mails Show Tiger Was With Joslyn James Three Weeks After Daughter Sam Was Born!

7 years ago 5
[caption id="attachment_95062" align="alignnone" width="544" caption="Naughty America, Getty Images"][/caption] Can you believe Tiger left his… Read Article ▶

Hey Jerry Springer — We Have Three Contestant Suggestions For Your New Dating Show, 'Baggage'!

7 years ago 3
[caption id="attachment_93922" align="aligncenter" width="544" caption=""][/caption] Jerry, Jerry, JERRY!! YOU HAVE TO HAVE these three… Read Article ▶

Tiger Woods: Texting Two Mistresses At the Same Time!

7 years ago 8
How did Tiger have time to play golf, take care of his family, AND sext-message his mistresses! We've uncovered evidence he was texting at least two… Read Article ▶

WARNING! HIGHLY GRAPHIC! Joslyn James Reveals Texts Allegedly Sent By Tiger Woods!

7 years ago 10
[caption id="attachment_64197" align="alignnone" width="544" caption="Naughty America"][/caption] "Sexts" reportedly sent from Tiger Woods to Joslyn… Read Article ▶

OSCAR PARTY SCOOP! Tiger Mistress Joslyn James Tells Elin & Kids: 'I Hope That They Can Find Happiness!'

7 years ago 3
What better place for Tiger's alleged porn-star mistress to issue a statement than a major Oscar party? Some big names showed up for Norby Walters'… Read Article ▶

Hey Tiger Woods, Your Alleged Mistress Joslyn James Demands An Apology At Your Press Conference Tomorrow!

7 years ago 12
Joslyn wants you to refer to her by name and apologize in front of the cameras! No one knows for sure what Tiger Woods will say at his big press… Read Article ▶

Joslyn James Claims Tiger Woods Got Her Pregnant — TWICE! Believe It or Not?

7 years ago 4
[caption id="attachment_64197" align="alignnone" width="544" caption=""][/caption] Here's another bombshell for Tiger Woods and his wife Elin… Read Article ▶

Tiger Woods’ Mistress #10: 'I Believed That He Loved Me'

7 years ago 3
[caption id="attachment_64197" align="aligncenter" width="544" caption="Naughty America"][/caption] Have YOU ever believed a man when he swore he… Read Article ▶

UPDATE! Elin Nordegren: Out of Hiding and Not Wearing Her Wedding Ring!

7 years ago 1
Elin clearly hasn't left the country. In fact, she's out and about in Florida with her head held high. What would you do if you were in Elin… Read Article ▶
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