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Jake T. Austin Confirms Relationship With Obsessed Fan: Sometimes You Just ‘Connect’

3 weeks ago 1
Dreams do come true! Jake T. Austin officially confirmed that yes, he is dating one of his superfans! Sure, she may have obsessed over him, but he's… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Instagram
Jake T Austin Dating Fan

Jake T. Austin Dating Fangirl After She Pursues Him On Twitter For Years — Pic

4 weeks ago 8
Dreams do come true! We all have celeb crushes who we just KNOW would fall in love with us if they just gave us a chance. Well get ready to meet your… Read Article ▶
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The Fosters Jesus Recast

‘The Fosters’: Noah Cent Makes Debut As New Jesus On Summer Finale

6 months ago 4
Introducing, the new Jesus! On the summer finale of 'The Fosters,' Jesus returned back to the show and for the first time, we met Noah Cent. Welcome… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of Twitter

‘The Fosters’ Finale: Jake T. Austin Confirms Series Exit — Is Jesus Dead?

11 months ago 32
Oh no! After the nail biting season two finale of 'The Fosters,' audiences were left wondering whether one character would make it out alive. Sadly… Read Article ▶
image courtesy of ABC Family
The Fosters Christmas Special

‘The Fosters’: Christmas Special Secrets Revealed – Watch

1 year ago 0
Our favorite blended family comes together for the holidays on 'The Fosters' special episode, during ABC Family's 25 Days Of Christmas. Click to… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of ABC Family

‘The Fosters’: Emma Admits Breaking Up With Jesus Was A Mistake

2 years ago 1
Emma and Jesus have broken up for the 100th time and this time it seems to be for good. However, Jesus wastes no time being single and starts… Read Article ▶
Courtesy Of ABC Family
The Fosters Season Finale

‘The Fosters’ Finale Recap: [SPOILER] is Pregnant and Ana’s Missing

2 years ago 27
Alzheimers, an unwanted pregnancy, bribes, extortion (and murder?) are just some of the things that went down on the dramatic season finale of 'The… Read Article ▶
Courtesy Of ABC Family
Jake T. Austin Car Crash

Jake T. Austin Involved In Scary Car Crash — Report

2 years ago 1
Oh no! A car registered under Jake's name was reportedly involved in a strange hit-and-run on Nov. 19. A 2010 Audi that is registered to Jake T… Read Article ▶
The Fosters Series Premiere

‘The Fosters’ Series Premiere Recap: A New Addition Shakes Up The Family

3 years ago 19
Will you be taking 'The Fosters' into your weekly schedule? Read our review, then give us yours! ABC Family premiered its latest drama The… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of ABC Family
Wizards Return Alex Vs Alex

‘The Wizards Return’ Recap: Alex Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice

3 years ago 22
To save her family, Alex battles a ghost from her past -- and herself! Wizards of Waverly Place may have ended its four-season run back in Jan… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Disney Channel (2)
Wizards Return Video Preview

‘The Wizards Return’: Jake T. Austin On Fight Scenes & The Russos’ Future

3 years ago 1
'The Wizards Return' premieres 8 p.m. tonight on Disney Channel! Watch our exclusive video interview with Jake. The Russos are back! The Wizards… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Disney Channel,
Jake T Austin Fosters

Jake T. Austin Talks Transitioning From ‘Wizards’ To ‘Fosters’

3 years ago 2
The Disney Channel star tells why he's excited for his new gig on ABC Family! After playing the youngest member of the Russo… Read Article ▶
Getty Images, Disney Channel, ABC Family
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