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18 Ian Garland Articles

Baby Callum's Crawling — God Help Us, He's Mobile!

6 years ago 0
[gallery] My little squidgy bundle is now a four limb drive machine and he's getting faster by the day. I always knew it wouldn't be long. Callum has… Read Article ▶

Ian Says: 'Baby Callum's Sick For The First Time!' Help!

6 years ago 1
It's just a bad cold, and the poor little guy will survive, but it's enough to turn our delicately balanced world upside down! The sickness started… Read Article ▶

Ian Says: 'My Father's Day Present Will Be A Smile, A Cuddle & A Dirty Diaper!'

6 years ago 0
[gallery] A year ago this week, as I licked the envelope on my dad's father's day card, it dawned on me...'this time next year, I'll be a father… Read Article ▶

Ian Says: Baby Callum Is Six Months Old! Where Has The Time Gone?

6 years ago 0
It seems like only five minutes ago that we brought him home from the hospital -- and half a year has passed already! The fragile little bag of… Read Article ▶

Russell Crowe Calls Circumcision 'Barbaric'! Do You Agree?

6 years ago 7
The 'Gladiator' star and dad-of-two stirred up a furious debate on Twitter after posting an angry rant about the practice. Russell Crowe wants new… Read Article ▶

Ian Says: 'Baby Callum's Found A New Way To Get Moving… He Rolls!'

6 years ago 0
He can't wait to crawl or walk… my little man's in a hurry to get going -- so he's found an alternative way to get from A-to-B. The rolling is a… Read Article ▶

Milk's Not Enough For Callum — My Baby Boy Is Ready To Be Weaned!

6 years ago 2
Babies have a knack of waiting until you've mastered their routine before changing the rules, developing a new box of tricks for you to learn all… Read Article ▶

Baby Callum Is Ready To Get Moving!

6 years ago 0
He's wriggling, thrashing and squirming with all his might, but baby Callum just can't get going – and it's frustrating the hell out of him! Jill… Read Article ▶

Baby Callum's Big Date With The Doctor!

6 years ago 0
[gallery] Callum is 4 months old today. We didn't mark the occasion with a party, cake or any balloons. As every new parent knows, this particular… Read Article ▶

Baby Callum Is Sleeping ALL NIGHT LONG!

6 years ago 0
[gallery] We've achieved the holy grail of all new parents. It's taken nearly four months, but for now at least Jill and I can kiss goodbye to… Read Article ▶

Ian Says: Baby Callum Is The Next Elton John! Wait Until You Hear His Musical Genius!

6 years ago 3
I can't believe I didn't spot it sooner. The clues were staring us in the face. They're both pudgy, bald, Brits who are prone to tantrums! And as I… Read Article ▶

Ian Says: Experts Claim Parenting Makes You Poor & Miserable! Now They Tell Me!

6 years ago 1
New studies report that raising kids is more expensive than ever -- and it's making us parents miserable. I've only been a dad for three months but… Read Article ▶

The New Adventures Of A HollyDaddy—Bonding With My Baby

6 years ago 0
[gallery] The greatest myth ever told about parenthood is that you bond the second your bambino is plucked from the womb. It sure didn't work like… Read Article ▶

The New Adventures Of A HollyDaddy — My Baby's First Words (Sort Of)!

6 years ago 2
[gallery] Baby Callum has started talking! I know, two-and-a half months is pretty early, but it all kicked off one day last week and now we can't… Read Article ▶

The New Adventures Of A HollyDaddy: The Amazing Farting Baby

6 years ago 0
[gallery] Baby Callum has been suffering from bad gas. We know this, for the same reason our neighbors know this, because he's been emitting… Read Article ▶
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