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Happy Birthday Raven Symone — Today, Dec. 10, You're 26 Years Old

5 years ago 3
We hope she has a great day! Raven Symone has conquered both the small screen and the big screen, and has come such a long way since her child star… Read Article ▶

Happy Birthday Lindsay Price–Today, Dec. 6, You're 35 Years Old

5 years ago 0
Have a great day today! From soap operas to sitcoms, Lindsay Price has made her mark as one of television's sexiest stars.  She's come quite a long… Read Article ▶

Happy Birthday Gloria Estefan! Today, Sep. 1, You're 54 Years Old!

6 years ago 1
Gloria is a one-of-a-kind gal and it's her big day! Gloria Estefan is a role model for women everywhere -- She can dance, sing, and bring on the star… Read Article ▶

Happy Birthday, Venus Williams! Today, Jun. 17, You're 31 Years Old!

6 years ago 1
The tennis superstar is going to have a wonderful time celebrating her birthday! Venus Williams has become one of the world's top tennis stars.  She… Read Article ▶
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Happy Birthday, Diana DeGarmo! Today, Jun. 16, You're 24 Years Old!

6 years ago 1
The Broadway star will have a great time singing 'Happy Birthday' tonight! Diana DeGarmo broke on the music scene in 2004 after coming in second… Read Article ▶

Happy Birthday, Courteney Cox! Today, Jun. 15, You're 47 Years Old!

6 years ago 2
Courtney has had such a busy year; today will be a great day for her to relax and celebrate! Courtney Cox first gained recognition after appearing… Read Article ▶

Happy Birthday, Diablo Cody! Today, Jun. 14, You're 33 Years Old!

6 years ago 0
The screenwriter and author has enjoyed great success so far! And she has much more to look forward to! Brook Busey, better known as Diablo Cody… Read Article ▶

Happy Birthday, Robyn! Today, Jun. 12, You're 32 Years Old!

6 years ago 0
This Swedish pop princess will continue to enjoy such a great career! Robyn first hit the music scene with her 1995 debut album, Robyn Is Here.  The… Read Article ▶

Happy Birthday, Kanye West! Today, Jun. 8, You're 34 Years Old!

6 years ago 0
Kanye, you need to go all out on your birthday! Kanye West first broke into the hip-hop scene in 2004 with his debut album, The College Dropout. … Read Article ▶

Happy Birthday Danny Strong! Today, Jun. 6, You're 37 Years Old!

6 years ago 1
Danny Strong, get ready to celebrate all your acting success! Danny Strong was an Emmy Award nominee and winner of the Writers Guild of America… Read Article ▶

Happy Birthday Pete Wentz! Today, Jun. 5, You're 32 Years Old!

6 years ago 0
You have so much to celebrate -- but keep your birthday suit at home! Pete Wentz has enjoyed rock star acclaim as the bassist and lead lyricist for… Read Article ▶

Happy Birthday Angelina Jolie! Today, Jun. 4, You're 36 Years Old!

6 years ago 9
Angelina--take some time off from mommy duty and enjoy your birthday! Angelina Jolie's pivotal role was in 1999's Girl, Interrupted in which she won… Read Article ▶

Happy Birthday, Suzi Quatro! You’re 61 Today, June 3!

6 years ago 0
The 1970s singer, actress, and radio host celebrates her 61st birthday today! Suzi Quatro has a son, Richard Leonard, and a daughter, Laura from her… Read Article ▶

Happy Birthday Anderson Cooper! Today, Jun. 3, You're 44 Years Old!

6 years ago 1
You and your trademark tight black shirt have a lot to celebrate today! Anderson Cooper has gained such a high reputation as a well respected… Read Article ▶

Happy Birthday Justin Long! Today, Jun. 2, You're 33 Years Old!

6 years ago 1
Take some time off from 'being a Mac' and celebrate your birthday! Justin Long has been a prominent young movie-star since his starring role in… Read Article ▶
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