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'Kendra' Recap: Kendra Hooks Her Friend Up With A New Man & Hank Is On The Job Hunt!

3 years ago 2
While Hank flies to NYC to dig up some additional income during the football lockout, Kendra tries to help a friend in the love department using a… Read Article ▶

'Kendra' Preview: Kendra Gets A Matchmaker To Help Her Friend Find Love!

3 years ago 1
Kendra is such a good friend! She calls on a neighbor -- who happens to be a matchmaker -- to get her friend a feisty new man! On the Oct. 9 episode… Read Article ▶

'Kendra' Recap: A Romantic Anniversary Trip For Two Turns Into A Foursome!

3 years ago 1
Why would Hank invite another couple on their special anniversary trip? Kendra just wants time alone with her hubby! On the Oct. 2 episode of… Read Article ▶

'Kendra' Preview: All Kendra Wants To Do On Her Anniversary Is Have Sex With Hank!

3 years ago 1
Although her hubby is sleeping off a long night of partying, Kendra tries to lure him with a huge sombrero -- we love her seduction style! On the… Read Article ▶

Is Kendra Wilkinson Pregnant? Look At How Hank Baskett Protects Her Stomach!

3 years ago 4
Kendra has said she won't have another baby until Hank gets a job -- but has she decided to break her own rules? Is that a bump we see on Kendra… Read Article ▶

Kendra Wilkinson Thinks Parents Today Shelter Their Children Too Much! Do You Agree?

3 years ago 11
Kendra and Hank's son Hank Jr. may only be 18 months old, but mommy Kendra is already teaching him the importance of being independent! Former… Read Article ▶
Kendra Wilkinson Sex

Kendra Wilkinson's Craziest Sex Location Spots: You Won't Believe All Of Them!

3 years ago 7
How many people can say they had sex in a 'Dancing with the Stars' trailer? Kendra Wilkinson can! In Kendra Wilkinson's new tell-all book Being… Read Article ▶

Kendra Wilkinson Confesses: Having Hot Sex EVERYWHERE Got Me Pregnant!

3 years ago 4
Kendra shares all the details on how she conceived Baby Hank in her new tell-all book 'Being Kendra: Cribs, Cocktails & Getting My Sexy… Read Article ▶

Kendra Wilkinson Warns Husband Hank Baskett: No More Babies Until You Get a Job!

3 years ago 0
Hank Jr. might be the cutest baby in Hollywood, but when will he be a big brother? Not for a while! Kendra Wilkinson couldn't be happier with her… Read Article ▶

Kendra Wilkinson Considered Suicide During Her Battle With Post-Partum Depression!

3 years ago 4
The illness tore her marriage apart and during her darkest days she admits she contemplated killing herself. In a new interview, Kendra Wilkinson… Read Article ▶

Kendra Wilkinson Drank Her Own Breast Milk! Is This Normal or Gross?

3 years ago 8
The former 'Girl Next Door,' admits that when her boobs 'leaked' at parties, she'd go in the bathroom and breastfeed herself! I don't know if this… Read Article ▶

Kendra Wilkinson Finally Feels Back To Normal After Suffering From Postpartum Depression: 'I'm Kendra Again!'

3 years ago 0
The former Playboy bunny admits the pressures to be thin after giving birth were too much for her to handle on top of caring for baby Hank. It took… Read Article ▶
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