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Casey Anthony Trial

Casey Anthony: I Got Pregnant With Caylee After Date Rape

4 years ago 8
In a shocking revelation, Casey's former psychiatrist revealed that Casey might have become pregnant with her daughter Caylee after she passed out at… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony's Parents Are Split On Her Guilt — George Blames Her For Caylee's Death But Cindy Insists It Was An Accident!

5 years ago 2
In the Anthonys first interview since Casey was freed, George sensationally admits to Dr. Phil he believes Casey drugged her daughter so she could… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony's Parents Grilled By Dr. Phil — See The First Explosive Excerpt From Their Tell-All Interview!

5 years ago 2
George and Cindy Anthony shuffle uncomfortably while TV psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw demands the truth about the death of their granddaughter Caylee… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony's Parents Will Break Their Silence on 'Dr. Phil' On Sep. 12! What Will They Reveal?

5 years ago 1
George and Cindy Anthony Have ALREADY shot their interview with the tough talking TV psychologist, who promises he asked all the hard questions! The… Read Article ▶

Cindy & George Anthony Hug Mourners At Memorial For Caylee, But There Was No Sign Of Casey!

5 years ago 5
The parents of Casey Anthony joined crowds at a memorial for their late granddaughter, at the site where her remains were discovered, on what would… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony's Parents Turn Down $250,000 To Appear On A Talk Show!

5 years ago 0
Bidding for the first interview with Casey has now passed $1.5 million and even her mom and dad are naming their own price! George and Cindy Anthony… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony Cuts All Ties With Her Parents — Even They Don't Know Where She Is!

5 years ago 1
Casey's relationship with her mom and dad, George and Cindy, has totally broken down. They've had NO contact with her since she was found not guilty… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony's Parents React To Their Daughter's Verdict: The Defense Was 'Baseless,' But The Decision Was 'Fair'

5 years ago 10
After learning their daughter Casey Anthony was found not guilty for the murder of their granddaughter Caylee, Cindy and George Anthony released a… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony's Parents 'Don't Think She's Innocent!'

5 years ago 2
But George and Cindy Anthony DON'T want her to get the death penalty if she's found guilty of murdering her daughter Caylee. The Anthonys attorney… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony Trial: Did Caylee's Killer Place a Heart-Shaped Sticker Over Her Duct-Taped Mouth?

5 years ago 0
As Casey's first degree murder trial moves into its fourth week, prosecutors are wrapping up with compelling evidence. When 2-year-old Caylee… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony's Father Demands 'Respect' From Defense Lawyer — Tensions Rise During Trial

5 years ago 1
After allegations that George Anthony molested his daughter Casey, it's no wonder the man got upset! Casey Anthony may be on trial for the murder of… Read Article ▶

Friends Testify That Casey Anthony Seemed Normal In Days Following Caylee's Disappearance

5 years ago 0
Those close to Casey claim she didn't act worried in the days after Caylee went missing! Casey's ex-boyfriend Anthony Lazzaro took the stand on May… Read Article ▶
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