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Gender Neutral Child

Gender-Neutral Child's Sex FINALLY Revealed After Five Years

5 years ago 35
A couple that concealed the gender of their child for five years have finally announced the big secret — he's a boy! Beck Laxton, 46, and partner… Read Article ▶

Parents Could Be Banned From Finding Out The Sex Of Their Unborn Babies!

6 years ago 15
Lawmakers are worried that too many parents-to-be are aborting fetuses based on sex -- and they're trying to take control! If the law is passed… Read Article ▶

Tori Spelling Designs A Gender Neutral Nursery For Her Unborn Baby — She Really DOESN'T Know What Sex She's Expecting!

6 years ago 0
There's no tell-tale blue or pink in store for TV star Tori's third baby with husband Dean McDermott -- the new arrival will be bathed in a sea of… Read Article ▶

'Excuse Me, WHAT!?' — HollyBaby Bloggers Sarah & Neil Find Out The Sex Of Their Baby!

6 years ago 3
With new technology out allowing parents to know the baby's gender at seven weeks, will the excitement of the reveal become a thing of the past? The… Read Article ▶

The New Pregnancy Test That Lets You Find Out Your Baby's Sex After Just Seven Weeks! Would You Take It?

6 years ago 7
The blood test can be bought online for less than $300 and promises it's more than 90 percent accurate! It works by analyzing fetal DNA in the… Read Article ▶

New Study Shows Fewer Baby Girls Are Being Born Thanks To Nuclear Radiation!

6 years ago 3
According to researchers, nuclear radiation from power plant leaks and bomb testing is affecting female birthrate around the world. In the new study… Read Article ▶

Meet Storm — The World's First Gender-Less Baby!

6 years ago 10
Is it a boy or a girl? Only immediate family, a few close friends and the midwife who delivered Storm on New Year's Day, know the answer to that… Read Article ▶

Did You Know That Undergoing IVF Increases Your Odds Of Giving Birth To A Boy?

7 years ago 1
The results of a four-year study on fertility treatments revealed that women who undergo certain types of IVF give birth to more boys than girls. So… Read Article ▶