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12 Francois-Henri Pinault Articles
Linda Evangelista Child Support Settlement

Linda Evangelista: You Were Nuts To Ask For $46,000 – You Settled Child Support Case In Nick Of Time

5 years ago 13
At first I was sympathetic to the supermodel mom in her demands for $46k a month from her billionaire ex-boyfriend. Then a top NYC divorce lawyer… Read Article ▶
Linda Evangelista Child Support

Linda Evangelista & Billionaire Baby Daddy Reach Child Support Agreement!

5 years ago 0
Well thank the Lord! Supermodel Linda Evangelista and her French ex-boyfriend Francois-Henri Pinault have reached a settlement in their nasty child… Read Article ▶
Linda Evangelista child

Linda Evangelista Billionaire Baby Daddy: Doesn't Want Son Used As A Pawn In Court

5 years ago 18
Francois-Henri Pinault has been portrayed as a deadbeat dad by his supermodel ex-girlfriend but has learned exclusively that he… Read Article ▶
Linda Evangelista Baby

Linda Evangelista's Baby Daddy Spent Thousands On Self, But Forgot Son's Birthday Gift

5 years ago 12
Linda Evangelista continued her battle for child support from her billionaire ex-boyfriend, Francois-Henri Pinault, during their second day in… Read Article ▶
Linda Evangelista Child Support

Salma Hayek's Billionaire Husband Needs To Pay Child Support for Son With Supermodel Linda Evangelista

5 years ago 36
Pay up and shut up, you cheapskate baby daddy! Salma Hayek's husband Francois-Henri Pinault should be thrilled he has a five year-old son. Now… Read Article ▶
Linda Schoolrun

Salma Hayek's Husband Wanted Linda Evangelista To Abort Their Baby

5 years ago 18
In the middle of a vicious child support battle, news has surfaced that Linda's ex, French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, demanded her to abort… Read Article ▶

Salma Hayak Opens Up In 'Allure' About Her Appreciation For Beauty & How She Maintains Her Lovely Look!

6 years ago 1
The sexy spanish star doesn't take her beauty for granted! "If you cannot walk in heels, it doesn't matter how beautiful you are," Salma Hayak tells… Read Article ▶

Supermodel Linda Evangelista Demands $46K A Month In Child Support From Salma Hayek's Hubby, Francois-Henri Pinault!

6 years ago 7
The supermodel hasn't received one penny from the billionaire since their son Augustin's birth four years ago. She obviously wants payback! That's… Read Article ▶

Salma Hayek's Billionaire Husband Fathered A Love Child With Supermodel Linda Evangelista!

6 years ago 3
Francois-Henri Pinault was two-timing the two superstar beauties -- and has young children with them both! The French boss of luxury brands Gucci… Read Article ▶

Salma Hayek Takes Her Daughter Valentina Jet-Skiing! Isn't That Dangerous?

6 years ago 2
Salma Hayek and her husband went for a jet ski ride with their 3-year-old daughter, Valentina. Isn't that a little risky? She could get hurt! Salma… Read Article ▶

Happy 3rd Birthday, Valentina Paloma Pinault!

7 years ago 0
The beautiful daughter of Salma Hayek Pinault turns 3 today! Valentina Paloma Pinault has grown into a lovely little girl and we can't believe that… Read Article ▶

Salma Hayek, You Need To Ditch Valentina's Pacifier, Experts Say She's Too Old!

7 years ago 0
Valentina Pinault sure looks cute, but doctors warn that having a binkie at her age could do her harm! Wow, Valentina Pinault is growing up fast… Read Article ▶
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