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Fantastic Four Reviews

‘Fantastic Four’ Reviews: Is The Reboot A Catastrophic Disaster?

2 years ago 0
At long last, 'Fantastic Four' will hit theaters on Aug. 7, which means reviews are rolling in faster than Susan Storm's ability to bend light. So… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of Marvel
Kate Mara Michael B Jordan Interview

Kate Mara & Michael B. Jordan’s ‘Fantastic Four’ Interview Turns Sexist & Racist — Watch

2 years ago 5
This is seriously uncomfortable. While promoting their new film, 'Fantastic Four,' Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara did a… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of YouTube/Getty Images
Fantastic Four trailer

‘Fantastic Four’: Doom Is Coming — Watch New Trailer

2 years ago 0
From outsiders to superheroes. In the new trailer for 'Fantastic Four,' we get another look at Mr. Fantastic, the Human Torch, the Invisible Woman… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox
Michael B. Jordan Black

Michael B. Jordan Slams Haters Who Don’t Want A Black Human Torch

2 years ago 19
Michael B. Jordan is changing how people view comic book stars -- and is proud to do so. The actor just penned an essay to respond to those… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
michael b jordan diss jimmy kimmel

Michael B. Jordan Slams Jimmy Kimmel For Questioning Biracial ‘Fantastic Four’ Casting

2 years ago 2
Woah! 'Fantastic Four' star Michael B. Jordan recently chatted with Jimmy Kimmel about the film's biracial casting-- and he had some choice words for… Read Article ▶
image courtesy of ABC
Fantastic Four Trailer Dr. Doom

‘Fantastic Four’: First Full Trailer Reveals The Terrifying Dr. Doom — Watch

2 years ago 2
Here's the trailer for the eagerly anticipated 'Fantastic Four' reboot that has us hungry for more! The must-see trailer gives us our first glimpse… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of YouTube

‘Fantastic Four’: Fan Reveals Accidental First Look Of ‘The Thing’ — See Pic

2 years ago 2
Someone working on Fox's 'Fantastic Four' might be in a bit of trouble. A billboard for the upcoming film was released overseas and, thanks to a… Read Article ▶
image courtesy of Fox
Fantastic Four Trailer

‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer: Watch Miles Teller Turn Into Mr. Fantastic

2 years ago 0
It's finally here! The official teaser trailer for 'Fantastic Four' was released on Jan. 27 and the Marvel movie looks seriously good. Watch… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of YouTube
Miles Teller Took Viagra

Miles Teller Admits He’s Taken Viagra Before & It Worked

3 years ago 1
TMI? Miles opens up about his experience with Viagra in an exclusive new interview with 'ELLE' magazine, and what he has to say will shock… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Getty Images
Dr. Doom Photos

Doctor Doom Costume Revealed In Leaked ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Photos

3 years ago 8
SPOILER ALERT! Leaked photos from the set of Marvel's 'Fantastic Four' reboot show what appears to be Doctor Doom in all his glory. Are you a fan of… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Kate Mara Fantastic Four

Kate Mara: 5 Things To Know About ‘Fantastic Four”s Sexy New Sue Storm

3 years ago 0
Kate Mara has officially been cast as the new Sue Storm/Invisible Girl in the reboot of Marvel's classic superhero franchise 'The Fantastic Four.'… Read Article ▶
Fantastic Four Cast

‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Cast: Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller & More

3 years ago 2
It's another comic book coming to the big screen (again) and we couldn't be more excited. Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell… Read Article ▶

Happy Birthday, Jessica Alba! You’re 30 Today, April 28!

6 years ago 2
She's the most stylish young mom in Hollywood, and we can't WAIT to meet the newest addition to her family! Jessica Alba started out as a sexy… Read Article ▶