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Couples Therapy Farrah Abraham Finale

‘Couples Therapy’ Finale: Farrah Abraham Goes On The Date From Hell

3 years ago 3
Farrah Abraham signed up for an online dating site during this season of 'Couples Therapy,' and on the March 6 season finale we finally get to see… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Vh1
Farrah Abraham Couples Therapy

‘Couples Therapy’ Recap: Farrah Abraham Confronts Her Abusive Mom

3 years ago 24
The 'Couples Therapy' cast face some of their darkest demons as Dr. Jenn Berman has each celebrity discuss their abusive childhood. Later, Farrah… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Vh1

Jaden & Willow Smith Might Blame Themselves If Will & Jada Split, Experts Say!

6 years ago 10
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith's seemingly wonderful and strong marriage is reportedly on the rocks, but experts say they won't be the ones who… Read Article ▶

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony's Hamptons Reunion — Is It A Good Idea For The Twins? Experts Weigh In!

6 years ago 0
The estranged couple were spotted driving around together in a red convertible in Sagg Main Beach in Southampton, N.Y. on Wednesday, August 10. But… Read Article ▶

Stephanie Seymour Calls The Cops On Her Son After Heated Argument! Is This OK?

6 years ago 1
The supermodel is known to fight with husband Peter Brant, but this time she called the cops on a different Peter -- her 18-year-old son! Experts… Read Article ▶

HOLLYBABY BOOK CLUB: 'Read Rockin' Babies And Embrace Your Infant's Inner Hellraiser'

6 years ago 0
What do you get when you cross a family therapist and a Grammy-winning songwriter?-- a rockin' & rollin' book for babies. Dr Jenn Berman and… Read Article ▶

Bonnie Says: Kerry Campbell, The Mom Injecting Her 8-Year-Old With Botox & Lip Fillers Is A Child Abuser!

6 years ago 5
Poor little Britney Campbell needs to be protected from her deluded single mother who is abusing her both physically and emotionally. Don't YOU… Read Article ▶

Charlie Sheen's Manic Phase Means He Could Be Bipolar, Experts Say! Exclusive

6 years ago 1
Charlie's crazy rants and mood swings in his wild string of  TV interviews make everyone wonder if he's mentally unstable. Experts tell us what they… Read Article ▶
Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz, Experts Warn That How You Explain The Divorce To Son, Bronx, Now Will Determine His Mental Health Later

Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz, Experts Warn That How You Explain The Divorce To Son, Bronx, Now Will Determine His Mental Health Later

6 years ago 0
Divorce is never easy – especially when children are involved. Experts tell how the famous parents can best explain their separation… Read Article ▶

Bristol Vs Levi: She Wants Him To Give Up All Parental Rights. Experts Warn It Could Permanently Damage Their Baby!

6 years ago 3
Bristol Palin needs to rethink her plans to completely remove Levi Johnston from their son Tripp's life. Experts say she's damaging the boy… Read Article ▶

How Will Elizabeth Edwards Death Affect Her Young Children?

6 years ago 2
Elizabeth Edwards passed away today after battling breast cancer. How will her three children cope with the loss? This is tragic. Elizabeth Edwards… Read Article ▶
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Experts Say It's OK To Let Your Baby Cry Itself To Sleep. Do You Agree?

6 years ago 1
After watching the last week's episode of Desperate Housewives, when Lynette Scavo let her baby cry it out during nap time (instead of soothing the… Read Article ▶

Here's More Proof That Mariah Carey Is Expecting: Her Friend Bought Her A Baby Book & Had It Signed 'Dear Mariah'!

7 years ago 0
Come on, Nick Cannon and Mariah, why don't you just admit you're expecting? Why else do you need a book about parenting? We no longer have to wonder… Read Article ▶
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