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Ryan Marquiss Heart

Pennsylvania Boy Born With Heart Outside Of His Body — And Survives

3 years ago 0
Millions of babies are born with this condition, but for every million born only five to eight survive. This 3-year-old is one of the lucky… Read Article ▶
Home Birth Death

Home Birth Advocate Dies After Giving Birth At Home

3 years ago 9
A woman who campaigned for home births ran into complications while giving birth and was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late! Caroline Lovell… Read Article ▶

Children Who Are Cuddled Are Less Likely To Do Drugs — New Study

3 years ago 0
HollyMoms -- don't worry about spoiling your babies, they need all the love and affection they can get! Scientists might have found a way for… Read Article ▶
Arsenic Juice

New Study Finds Arsenic In Apple Juice

3 years ago 2
Watch what your kids are drinking! A study indicates that as much as 10 percent of bottled juices tested had trace amounts of arsenic! Federal… Read Article ▶

Health Officials Fear A Disease Outbreak As Less Kids Are Being Vaccinated — New Report

3 years ago 13
A growing number of parents are keeping their kids from vaccinated and now health officials are worried that almost-extinct diseases will return… Read Article ▶

Parents Outraged At New Co-Sleeping Campaign

3 years ago 7
Parents are FURIOUS at a new ad campaign that compares babies sleeping with their parents to babies sleeping next to a giant meat cleaver! Do you… Read Article ▶

Are High-Achieving Parents A Link To Rise In Autism?

3 years ago 1
Austim affects one in every 100 people, but does your college or where you work have an effect? A surprising new study at Cambridge University is… Read Article ▶

Grandparents Are Key To Keeping Kids Healthy — New Study

3 years ago 1
Grandparents are so important in a kid's life -- who else is going to make those delicious cookies!?! -- but now researchers say they actually… Read Article ▶
Parents Starved Daughter

These Terrible Parents Starved Their Daughter To Keep Her From Becoming 'Obese'

3 years ago 18
This is shocking! A poor baby girl was starved from birth to keep her from gaining weight -- and now the parents are being charged with… Read Article ▶
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