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New Peanut Study Kids

Peanuts News: Why Doctors Say You Need To Give Them To Your Babies & Kids

3 months ago 0
Forget everything you've heard about NOT exposing young kids to peanuts! New NIH guidelines are now telling parents that babies as young as 6 months… Read Article ▶
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The Best Diet Of 2016 — Try The DASH Diet: SHOP The Book

1 year ago 2
The best diets of 2016 have been ranked and revealed by U.S. News & World Report -- see exactly how the DASH Diet can help you lose weight in just… Read Article ▶
10 Year Old Gives Birth

Colombian 10-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth To Healthy Baby

5 years ago 23
The pre-teen girl became one of the world's youngest mothers after giving birth to a healthy baby daughter. A 10-year-old member of the northern… Read Article ▶
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One In Ten Children Severely Affected By Autism Outgrow Symptoms

5 years ago 1
A new study in American Journal Pediatrics shows children from higher socio-economical backgrounds benefit because of better quality… Read Article ▶
Early Puberty Girls

Is Puberty For Girls Before 10 Years Old The New Normal?

5 years ago 3
Is your 8- or 9-year-old starting to develop symptoms of puberty? She's not alone. Read this! Girls starting puberty in elementary school is not… Read Article ▶
Woman Two Wombs

Woman Gave Birth To Two Babies From Two Separate Wombs

5 years ago 6
This rare condition makes it difficult to carry a baby to full term, but this woman gave birth to twins — one in each womb! Danielle Young's… Read Article ▶

Attention Pregnant Mothers: Using Cellphones Could Harm Your Unborn Babies

5 years ago 4
Expecting mothers, put down your cellphones! A new study shows exposing unborn babies to cellphones might cause behavior problems later in life. A… Read Article ▶
Heavy Backpacks Health

Heavy Backpacks Are Deforming Kids & Causing Major Back Problems

5 years ago 4
Do your kids carry overloaded school bags? Experts say they can cause irreversible back problems! Half of all children suffer back pain by 14 years… Read Article ▶

The 3 Dangerous Staircase Flaws Every Parent Should Know About, Researchers Say

5 years ago 0
Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy A new study reveals every six minutes a child falls down the stairs and… Read Article ▶
Babies Colic Study

Babies More Than Twice As Likely To Suffer From Colic If Moms Have Migraines

5 years ago 0
The ultimate torture for migraine sufferers — a baby with colic! A recent study reveals babies are two and a half times more likely  to have colic if… Read Article ▶

Key Cancer Drug In Short Supply — Thousands Of Kids At Risk

5 years ago 2
Thousands of children with leukemia depend on a cancer-fighting drug to survive, but now supplies are DANGEROUSLY low! Doctors say they only have… Read Article ▶
Baby Bonding Study

Baby Bonding: How The First 18 Months Can Shape Your Love Life

5 years ago 0
A new study says a baby's relationship with his or her mother during the first 18 months affects behavior in future romances! HollyMoms — a study… Read Article ▶

A Teen Refused Chemotherapy To Deliver A Healthy Baby, Then Died

5 years ago 15
This young mother made the ultimate sacrifice — she risked her life and ultimately died for the sake of her baby boy. Jenni Lake gave birth to a… Read Article ▶

Try These 3 Organic Kid-Friendly Recipes From NurturMe

5 years ago 0
Getting kids to eat healthy food can be hard, but these yummy gluten-free, organic recipes will have your kiddos craving more! NurturMe is a line of… Read Article ▶

Babies Know When You're Lying — New Report

5 years ago 0
Don't even try and pull a fast one on your baby! A new study says they can recognize liars and cheats! Your baby is on to you, you sneaky mom! A… Read Article ▶
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